Monday, July 03, 2017

Lululun Masks, Babypink Gloss, Tocco and Japanese Lippies

I went to Chinatown again (yeah, now I like to go after work) and spotted new goodies!
Lululun Aroma Care masks in Clary Sage, Lemon Grass, Rose, Yuzu and Lavender
Babypink (the maker of my very first tube of lip gloss) has two squeeze gloss. I wish there is a sheer red one...I might go back for the blue.
Horse oil lip cream (bought it back in winter, was alright) and Cakey Lip Scrub
Tocco - seems like a barrier-maintaining cleansing set
Some milk all in one cream
At Everyday Beauty Lab, I saw these cute Bunny Lip Essence (grabbed the red one) and one by Kose.
Lip masks
Almost bought these fish earrings (then I realized the bottom left was wonky)
On my way back - Innisfree is opening a store at Union Square (construction is set for June and July so I will open in August?). Let's hope the products aren't too marked up.


  1. I love LunLunLun! I had the white one and I thought my skin looked brighter. I got some Hawaii ones when I went 2 months ago

    1. Yuzu is sold out already and (as soon as it was gone) it became the one I want -_-... I should finish all my beautydiary ones before buying more anyway. Not a mask person here...


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