Thursday, December 01, 2016

Kat Rudu Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid Serum

One of my my biggest skincare concerns is hyperpigmentation (stemmed from overly sensitive skin that reacted to everything, including sunscreen) and increasingly sallow skin tone. After my successful purchase (Andalou Turmeric and C serum)  I was all of a sudden, very into products with Vitamin C. 
Here comes Kat Rudu with a humble origin (I mean I got it from Marshall for cheap around 10-12 bucks). It's supposedly from a Hollywood skincare expert's and normally retails for 32 dollars. 
The Rosemary Vitamin C serum has a watery consistency, medicinal smell (like a hospital) and comes with cloudy suspension (I assume is mostly Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate). The liquid is dispensed with a weak dropper. 

The instruction calls for a few drops each use, which is an amount that I can't spread it evenly because the serum is as runny as water.  When I did get enough to cover my whole face (one third to half a dropper full), the formula ended up being too irritating on my face, causing thinning of skin and break out (which always turns into hyperpigmentation on me). 

It could be an amazing formula but I guess my skin Just doesn't agree with it. Even if it does, it's difficult to use it up (two three drops at a time) before the whole bottle oxidize anyway. 

The English Rose Hyaluronic Acid Serum was a much more pleasant one.  Hydrating serum is something I started to play with two years ago and I use it to sooth away dry flakes, plumping up the skin before slathering on oil. It's also a good prep for body lotion on cracked skin.

This formula is hydrating but also a wee  emollient, it lets thicker moisturizer sink in better and gives something for the oil to seal in. The old school rose scent way is too overwhelming for face so I prefer to use it on my hands and legs instead. After all, there are a bunch of hydrating lotions that's easier on the nose.

Overall: The vitamin C serum is a no-go but for the price, the hydrating serum is well worth the 10 dollars. 


  1. I have been using Vitamin C product lately, too. I suffer from freckles (and maybe some age spots;;) so I need it! (Currently I rotate HABA White Lady & Jeffrey James The Light - a post is on the way) There should be something you can use while avoiding the irritation. I myself found most vitamin C serums made me flushed and itchy and had to rely on arbutin and stuff.

    1. I found another cheap vitamin serum from Marshall that I can use it's called Balance Active formula Power vitamin c serum (It was only around 6bucks)...I only need 2 to 3 drops since it's easily spread. Now I alternate vit c and niacinamide and get really religious about sunscreen (at least I found a sunscreen that I can use religiously) and it actually works quite well and my skin has been getting clearer...until yesterday, I ate a bunch of fried chicken and fries and gOT three zits....*sighs*


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