Thursday, October 08, 2015

Lunasol Three Dimensional Eyes in Deep Beige

Lunasol Three Dimensional Eyes was released in Fall 2011. The whole range of eyeshadow has four pans each, and in the highlight/base and liner pans are each split into three. You get a whooping eight pans that...make absolutely no difference to me, as I always use my palette the same way (as soon as I find an arrangement I like the best).

So why did I end up with one when I don't like multi-pan (they are just too confusing)? I was thinking about getting the lilac-and-taupe Mysterious Beige as a cart filler (you know, to "save" on shipping) but Dalenna told me to get Deep Beige instead, so I did what she said...To think of it, it's a miracle I never got kidnapped growing up.

 We all know what a Lunasol compact looks like (well the shadow are in a black slot this times, versus the copper in Sheer Contrast Eyes and Silver in Vivid Clear) so let hop right on to the shadow.
The upper left pan is the highlighter pan (although I like using any light color as base, as long as it's not too sparkly). They are the same golden off-white and the level of bling decreases from left to right. All of the colors are pigmented and tightly packed so it's easy to grab without leaving a bunch of fly-out. To me, they more or less all look softly shimmer once blended. I usually pick up the middle and right shades as a highlight/base, mainly because it doesn't make sense using a detail brush to pick just one (when they more or less look the same).

1. Clear non-gritty golden sparkly top coat.
2. Shimmery-Satin (with smaller shimmer particle)
3. Satin that shows up rather glowing under direct/setting sun.
 The upper right shade is a gorgeous golden champagne that's meant for allover the lid, the lower left is a medium gray taupe intended for shading (crease/half way through lid to lash line). Both lid shades have superb pigmentation, complex shimmer (although dulled by Ginbudou in comparison) and are less firmly packed so that they are easier to grab with a brush or sponge tip applicator. There isn't any texture variation between the two but I guess it doesn't matter, as I layer them anyway.
Being a taupe-lover, I found the gray-taupe a little too cool on my lids (it shows up straight up gray when used alone) so I need to make sure to always layer with the champagne to warm it up, and to never use it in large area or over-blend, both turn the look muddy. When I finally the area and dose right, the result is a clear and sharp look. 
Lastly, there is the liner pan with three shades of black with greenish golden base. All three are infused with shimmer particles (going from small sparkly to shimmer then to bigger glitter on the right) but on the eye all three colors more or less function like matte.
 Swatches with eyeliner brush (a freebie from Laura Geller that works great with powder) - The difference is noticeable on macro but it becomes negligible on the eyes, especially how I always blend it out with the champagne shades afterward. Just like the white pan, this one is tightly packed with great pigmentation and smooth texture. If you are the type to prefer western brands' level of pigmentation and want to venture into Japanese brands (for the shimmer!), this is a good one to go for. 
 Eye Ball of the Day with Lunasol Deep Beige (sorry for the really dry eye area. On the bright side, I just started using this brow color that looks uber-natural). I will remember to use moisturizer next time I take a close-up of the eye...

 White beige as base, champagne 3/4 of the lid, taupe 1/2 through lid to lash line (the cardboard instruction said from the crease to lash line but that's too little of an area in my case) and the black (one with least shimmer) to line. 

Overall: This is another one of those bright-and-clear that Lunasol does so well, except it also happens to be very pigmented (more pigmented than what I am comfortable with actually). I like the effect (though I should have used a more smoothing base/start putting on eye cream) but I needed to be very careful with the black and taupe, as they turn muddy easily with over-blending(I always over blend).  Anyway, this palette should pair well with fall/winter clothes so I will be loved.


  1. Wow, those sparkles and shimmers look amazing in your photos! I've never paid much attention to Lunasol, but I guess I should start now :)

    1. Lunasol was like "the shiz" in the Asian eyeshadow world before suqqu took over. Now they just kept doing boring neutrals while texture improved...I would totally hoard a lot if they ever bring back the Layer Bloom eyes(love the whole range).

      Oh, if you want to test the water(to see how much bling you are comfortable with). Other kanebo brands like Kate (lavshuca is discontinued) have very similar shades and finishes it's just that the texture might be less refined...

  2. LOL Perhaps I should try to kidnap you to Tokyo one of these days!

    I went for this Deep Beige first and the pigmentation totally floored me, so once Mysterious Beige arrived I wasn't as impressed. I use a squirrel eye brush to tone down the pigmentation when applying Deep Beige, and likewise use a goat eye brush if I want to pick up more color when it comes to eye shadows that are less pigmented.

    May be you should get that Mysterious Beige after all, if this Deep Beige is too pigmented for you?

    1. You don't need kidnapping for me to go to tokyo (I will be probably be disregarding all the makeup and go crazy on food and kitchenware).

      I think it's not that this one is too pigmented...more like the whole eyeliner shade is so intense (and it just enhances my bitchface when I use deep colors). Nature color green and cat eyes are next on my list but they will have to wait till next year since I need to rotate through my current stock(been cheating with suqqu lately)...

    2. Kitchenware, oh good lord. A couple of weekends ago there was a national pottery festival (will post soon, still catching up on my backlog...) and I just can't put into words the amount of self-restraint I exercised. I was so proud of myself for coming home with only a few items...

      Now as for food...Ha.

      Just picked up Suqqu Kozuecha and Konruri yesterday. May take a while to get to them with all this back log. Still haven't gotten to the LE trios yet although you just reviewed them a short while ago so it's ok for me to procrastinate ^.^

    3. I am debating between kakitsubata and konruri actually (although they are not all that similar) in one hand the shimmery shades must have smoother formula but I also really enjoy the understated finish from the core quad (I got sakurakaba a few weeks back) as it's grown up but not aging....I might just get kakitsubata later with another(!) creamy glow lipstick. Because konruri is still pretty available (if I ever decide to rakuten again).

    4. Can't wait for you to review Creamy Glow lipstick. I picked up 2 brand new lipsticks from Coffret D'Or and was really impressed with texture, finish, and pigmentation. They feel just like the discontinued Lavshuca Dramatic Memory Rouge! Will get to them later ^.^


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