Sunday, October 04, 2015

Dior Mystic Metallic Eyeshadow Palette - Bonne Etoile

Before you go "Whoa! What's with all the palettes?" Let me tell you that this is a palette I won 2 years ago from the Makeup Museum blog anniversary giveaway. After keeping it next to my bed (and taking a look at it once a while) for 1.5 years, I finally decided to just dig in. I am pretty sure the MM Curator keeps a pristine copy kept somewhere for you to admire in an upcoming exhibition.
The old Dior quint had a bulky cobalt blue compact with huge CD underneath. While not the sleek minimalist, it has a 90s glamour that reminds me of my mom's lipstick tray back in the days . I think the newer version has a thinner build but don't quote me.
The compact has a big mirror that opens to 90 degrees, which I found pretty for display but a nuisance to use: Not only I can't get very close to mirror (near sighted here), the main thing it's that it's just awkward trying to apply eye shadow while holding it either at eye level or tilted the whole compact at an angle.
The shades in the palette from top left going clockwise are 

1. Deep shimmery olive - very pigmented and easy to pick up and blend. It's simply too deep for me to know what to do with it(aside from using it as tightliner). 

2. Sparkly silver taupe with a mirror shine. Beautiful as an accent color of highlight. I need to be a little cautious since the sparkles travel around.

3. The golden chestnut brown in the center is more tightly packed but still pigmented and easy to pickup and spread. It works both as an liner and as a lid shade. It's basically a very well-executed basic that I cannot fault since I don't have mad blending skill, I use it around lash line and drag (with a silky brush, of course) the powder out for clean smudging.
The bottom two shades are more interesting. 

The navy teal has the same texture as the sparkly silver taupe: Looser, pigmented and easy to grab. This makes a pretty lid color but I usually just keep it really close to the lash line.

The seafoam green might be my favorite in the whole palette if it weren't for the texture. The color is refreshingly minty without being too pastel and it's deep enough to add some definition by itself. My problem is that it's very tightly packed into an almost frozen-creamy consistency, it's really hard to get it show up true to pan even though the shade doesn't lack in pigments.

With normal brushes or finger, all I managed to get was a thin layer of wash that ended up looking greenish silver gray. I suppose I can use a coarser tipped brush but that just makes the whole eye routine a pain in the eyeballs. This is a type of wearable brights that I didn't know I needed so I considering about an alternative in singles form. 

So far, candidate one Nars Habanera (mine shattered into crumbs when I tried to depot it from that sticky mess of a compact) has a plummy shade that looks like bruise on me. Candidate two, Rouge Bunny Rouge Periwinkle Cardinal can no longer be found online. Well, at least this will give me a new mission...
So the taupe is the only pan that I took individual picture for(and it isn't even a representative one).

I have mentioned the shades individually and but not as a part of a whole look. Well, the thing is that I can't incorporate them all into a single look (that I am comfortable wearing outdoor/to work anyway). They are all too deep, heavy or metallic so these are essentially five singles that I use as the main/accent colors with other shadows. So far, I have not worn the pallette out (as a singles, the colors aren't exactly the swipe-and-go type). I am determined to get it work because it really is a beautifully presented palette. 

So, back to Japanese eyeshadow next week! I am building my little wardrobe for those wearable neutral/sheer-brights to wear out maybe half of the week. 


  1. Such a beautiful palette! I love the shades too. Congratulations on this awesome win. :)

    1. Haha, I was super stoked about the win (not like some antiaging cream I never use).

  2. Aw, so glad you finally used it! Sorry it didn't knock your socks off though! And yes, I do have a brand new one for exhibition purposes!
    Thanks so much for the mention!!

    1. It did! The packaging totally did (or I wouldn't have admired it for a year and half). Anyway, I already match each shade(except the green)with a palette that I have so they will certainly get used ...when I am not lazy. Thank you for the gem again!


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