Thursday, September 03, 2015

L'Oreal Infallible Eye Crayon Part II - Gold, Purple and Aqua

Since I was very happy with my initial purchase of the three neutral colored L'Oréal (my autocorrect is on French steroid) Infallible Eye Crayons, I ran back to Harmon's clearance bin and dug out more.

This time, I found Always Aqua, Everlasting Gold and Always Purple. The pencils are highly pigmented, easy to blend (doesn't set right away) and fairly long-wearing and budge-proof. While the colors are not as interesting/complex as some of the Infallible shadow (guess they could only squeeze in this many in a limited edition collection), the convenience and lasting-power make up for it.
Always Purple is a glimmering jewel purple, Always Aqua is a turquoise with white/silver shimmer and Everlasting Gold is a yellow gold that can be spread into a soft yellow veil of color. The purple and aqua both have a deeper, staining base that clings on to skin when the creamy part gets blended. It's perfectly ok for me since I prefer using them as liner (purple) or accent on lower lash line. The aqua is especially brightening when used undereyes, with or without bronzey eyeshadow (aka the summer makeup collection cliché).

L'Oréal, please make this formula permanent!

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  1. These are gorgeous! I'd use the more colorful shades as liners too. So much fun!


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