Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sana Soy Cleansing Foam

A while back I ran out of my foaming cleanser (Shiseido Pureness, it was okay) and bar soaps weren't cutting it (the one that works run out too quickly),  it was time to look for a replacement for the everyday essential. American drugstore cleanser have been mostly disappointing so I turned to Japanese brands. 

Normally I would just order from one of those Hong Kong e-tailers (OK, I bought other stuff there and plan more purchases), a big tube of cleanser would just incur too much oversea shipping. Finally, it struck me that my weekly hangout (source of bagged tea, bakery and snacks) also has a tiny beauty counter with sheet masks, cleansers and a bottle of sunscreen or two.
Anyway, I walked (biked) home with a tube of Sana Soy Cleansing Foam and some other treats. The cleanser cost me a less than 9 bucks (the store was running a 15% off sale) and there is 150g of products.
On the back (yes, I missed the ingredients altogether)with some soy extraction diagrams, "free of fragrance, coloring and mineral oil". It suggests that using 1cm (pea sized) for normal cleansing and 2-3cm for makeup removal. Thanks to the softly squeezable tube, I tend to release more product than I need.
Even it looks quite runny compared to other Japanese cleansers (I only tried Shiseido and Kose so far), Sana Soy Cleansing foam is equally potent as the others that I only need a tiny bit for a full face of whipcream-foam. It removes oils, light makeup and even waterproof sunscreen very well and it doesn't irritate too much under most/normal circumstances. If I have a lot of freshly-picked area or have a huge chunk of cleanser accidentally shoved into my nostril, it does hurt a little...

Probably because it cleanses too well, it does leave skin a squeaky afterward. I usually follow my wash with a few drop of facial oil so it hasn't bothered me. Overall: Beside the nostril-sting part, this is another great cleansers that gets the job done perfectly. I will definitely rotate back to it someday in the future (Yeah, I got another Kose one then I want to tried the foaming one by Shiseido Senka...Those will take a while to finish).

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