Saturday, January 12, 2013

Physicians Formula pH Matchmaker Blush in Natural

I bought Physicians Formula pH Matchmaker Blush in Natural back in the summer because it reminds me of the signature peachy-pink blush on Kojima Haruna...Actually I just buy it because the brand is on sale all the time and I rarely have to pay out of pocket for it thanks to CVS sales, coupons and rebates. It's a firmly pressed matte peach that imparts a fresh, plumping kind of flush on the cheek. I don't notice any color changing but it does stay quite a while, even in the form of a light peachy stain.
Physicians Formula pH Matchmaker in Natural, Canmake Candy Flower (the pink side), Benefit Dandelion and Bobby Brown Rose (all strips swatched together). You can tell that the texture of PF natural is just as smooth as the more expensive options. Well, I always like their powder products...
Of course, no Physicians Formula is complete without the chunky packaging with lots of layers (this has a under compartment housing a flat and actually usable brush, except it sheds as much as I do...You know, cleansing after my own shedding is enough, now I have to do it for a brush? (Well, I don't so I just tossed it). Thanks to the harder pressed powder, the pan was fairly easy to be propped out (with a card) and transported to a smaller container.

Overall: I guess I have nothing to complain since it costs me zero dollar.


  1. i am a great fan of their blushes and some of their eyeliner pencil trios! though i feel like in the recent launches the brand has become a bit gimmicky and i dun like gimmicky:(

    1. I actually don't mind gimmick at all (as long as I don't have to pay for them...I mean, I did end up with 2 eos lip balm and they are nothing but gimmick). I have yet to seen recent launches but I guess if I can get a gloss for 1-2 bucks, I would always cave in.

  2. gorgeous! will keep an eye out for this!


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