Thursday, August 02, 2012

Bestsey Johnson Dangling Earrings - Summer Edition

I was wandering in Nordstrom Racks and saw this cute costume jewelry by Betsey Johnson...Don't they look perfectly beach like?  I am not sure what do people get when they mix costume jewelry with sensitive ear and sea water...
Asymmetrical aloha earring and one with bow and rose bead (or are those lollipops?)
More flowers - now I just want to buy a pair to photograph them on a tree brand, with back lighting (imaging all the bokeh and the flower silhouette...)
Poppy (?) and pearl and leaves (don't dig the design but I like the color combo)
Heart with bow (very typical of Betsey Johnson) and another detailed one I like (to own as a "model")


  1. What a cute collection! These pieces are perfect to wear at the beach.

  2. Totally cute, love the blue flowers from the first pic :)

  3. Haha I see these everyday working at the Jewelry/Handbags department of Macy's. A few of her pieces are cute but a lot of them I'm just like "... who would wear that"


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