Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Maybelline Color Sensational Porcelains Limited Edition Lipstick

While I was stalking my drugstores for the Maybelline summer 2012 collection (only saw the mascara so far) - I found something that's almost as lipstick formula called Color Sensational Porcelains. Judging from the display poster, these look like creamy pastel (hopefully without any shimmer).
The shades are 850 Porcelain Pink, 855 Flawless Fuchsia, 860 Smooth Taupe,  865 Nude Nuances, 870 Afternoon Tea (a dusty medium rose, looking at the sticker) and 875 Electric Lilac (a dusty purple that's a tad deeper than lilac) - The lid also feels quite special, like a lavender pink tinged frosted glass/silicone-y kind of material.
In the display, there are also four eyeshadow quads - I think they are just add-in from the permanent line-up, to make the display fuller.


  1. yep another much are they?

  2. Pretty! I wonder how much of a pastel these are... super pale or still wearable?

  3. Athena:
    I didn't see the stickers but Maybelline CS lipstick are usually 7.49 at Walgreens.

    Some shades on the right actually look like very neutral shades (around the same as a normal person's lip color)but then again I am just judging from the stickers.

  4. I really like the maybelline lipsticks, so I can't wait to run across this!

  5. I bought two of these a few days ago. Nude nuances is a baby pink and gives you the baby lips look. Afternoon tea is a "my lips but better" shade! They are both easy to apply and I love the colors. I have a the two shades I swatched here.

    hope that helps!

    p.s. walgreens has a bogo 50% off and I got both of mine for less than $10 total :)

    by the way, love your's so cute!

  6. ugh i've been to two walgreens without any luck! maybe the collection hasn't gotten to NY yet? ughhh!!!

  7. omg!!! which drugstore did u find them at??!

    1. So far I have only seen it in Walgreens.

  8. Try Riteaid, I got lucky and fiund them all there :) GOOD LUCK!!! Right now they are Buy1 get 2nd 50% off!!


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