Thursday, December 09, 2010

Revlon Fire and Ice Collection and New Makeup Brushes

I know I am pretty late spotting the Revlon Fire and Ice Display (Pink Sith already reviewed the lipstick/nail color in Fire and Ice quite a while ago)but's supposed to be an reinterpretation of an vintage Revlon collection back in the 50s (something like that) and beside the limited edition Fire and Ice, all the other lipstick would be new shades added to the permanent display.

Beside that, there is also some new makeup brushes replacing the old ones.Compared to what they had(currently on clearance), the new brushes doesn't look that bad but I am happy with the brushes I own so I won't be trying out these.


  1. I saw this the other day but did not pay much attention, The brushes I see themall the time at walmart. They seem ok but no bronzer brush.....

  2. They brushes look interesting.. I'd love to try them but I haven't seen them here yet.


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