Tuesday, February 09, 2010

NYC Creme Blush Stick

First let's look at the paper display of their eyeshadow since the blush doesn't look that good...The poster for the NYC custom eyes eyeshadow palette actually makes the boring eyeshadow look better (Not that I am going to buy it anyway.)
NYC blushable creme stick is supposed to be a dupe for a stick blush from Clinique. (I haven't tried either since I am more of a powder blush kind of person.)


  1. I am guessing 3 dollars at the most? (I haven't seen the price sticker yet though.)

  2. it's cute for 3 dollars(if so)...I had a blush stick once and in the beggining it worked really nice but after 2 weeks, it dried and became impossible to aply. After that, I always think twice befora buying one of these...

    btw, i really liked the first color(left)


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