Thursday, February 11, 2010

Anna Sui Super Black Full Mascara

Introduced at spring 2009, Anna Sui Super Black Full mascara is the third generation of their well known mascara range (I skipped the second generation because I didn't like the package that much.) I am quite fond of the new poster as well as the new design so I bought it a few months later when I was in that mascara kick.
As always, the Super Black Full mascara comes with a glossy black box with roses and a sleek and shiny tube (I could be mistaken but the new tube doesn't feel nearly as heavy/substantial as the one I had 4 years ago) with a rose cap. There are 3 types of mascara in this range: Long (with silver print), Volume (with gold print) and Full (with purple print, the one I got).
A bird eyes view of the rose cap, the design is slight more realistic than the old ones (which looks vintage and Victorian).

The applicator of the mascara looks somewhat special - as it has both the characteristic of the crisscross test tube brush and a helix. With a rosy scent (like all Anna Sui cosmetics), the mascara paste has a rich yet fluid consistency that would coat lashes evenly without piling up/clumping or flaking thus creating a fuller look. Anyway, while it makes my lashes look fuller and lengthens the ends at the same time, the effect isn't too dramatic so the overall effect is still appropriate for an everyday look.
I would say the overall effect of Anna Sui super black is better than that of Stila Major Major lash, Nars Black Orchid, Estee Lauder/Clinique samples (and a lot better than Maybelline, but that's not much to say as I hate Maybelline) but I personally would prefer a significant increase in length alone (I don't opt for volume anyway), like what the old Anna Sui super long mascara gave me.

Overall, pretty decent for a high end mascara but I think I could get better result. (I will post before and after picture in my other posts as I still have 2 more Anna Sui mascara to review.)

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