Sunday, January 03, 2010

Revlon Magnifying Mirror

According to Sun Tzu's The Art of War , you need to know yourself and your enemy in order to wage a effective war. My bushy eyebrow is my biggest enemy and random hair always grow back like weed after each hard fought battle. I have not yet find a way to eternally destroy my enemy, however I at least know how to shoo them away when they appear with my trusted Tweezerman tweezers, but how do I find them?
This 10x magnifying mirror is a life saver for all the detail works. It reveals all those tiny stray hairs so I can easily picked them away...Beside plucking, it's also a great one for admiring my new lip gloss and observing lash growth. The mirror I have is from Revlon and the back is in that babushka burgundy, I wish it were something like teal, purple (like those Pentax k-x camera from Japan!)...I wonder why American never bother just improve their packaging by that tiny bit, at least it would give a nice mood when people are doing chores...


  1. You can return opened items to CVS? How? What do you tell them?

  2. wow..10x? I don't like seeing my pores..but great for eyebrow trimming or plucking :)

  3. Daiftuf:
    "The color is ugly"

    CVS does have a no question asked return policy and most of the time I can find better reason.I just returned those nasty revlon lipsticks yesterday...

    I use it for mascara as well so my lash appear the


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