Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I am an Anna Sui fan!

I admit I have gotten a bit nut lately...after seeing the beautiful Guerlain Cherry Blossom collection poster. I started to want some thing other than Natalia Vodianova's face...A fan to...

Ok, it's pretty much useless.
Beside clothing, bags and boots (those are really cute) Anna Sui also makes some cute little accessories and sell them in Asia. I personally find Anna Sui clothing line a bit too ornate, they are pretty but I prefer the ornate style on little things like mirrors or other smaller accessories so they don't overkill (my shoes and bags are usually in bolder colors).

I saw those fans in some magazine and they are...major rip-off. (Delicious eye-candy nevertheless.) For example, the fans above are both around $200 (yes, US dollars) and while they are cute...I would rather spend the money on that Guerlain meteorite compact...

You can probably find some very well made fold-up fans in the streets of some older cities in China for well less than 10 bucks. Consider this are not gotta-get-it kind of pretty. Anyway, I love the fact that they make the base of the fan also add up to little butterfly pattern.
Purple butterfly hair clip, I think if would look perfect on people with very long black hair...The clip probably would retail for around 50 bucks (actually the cheapest Anna Sui accesories I have seen are 100 bucks) Little name tag (The only name available is Anna Sui. lol.) I am ok with the charm but that tiny butterfly at the side is so pretty!
I kind of like those tiny golden name tag necklace since I saw one on Angelababy. Her blog is supposedly full of everything I hate: cam-whore pictures (sorry if I offended you), circle lenses, music diarrhea (surprisingly I never turn those off) but I still love her. lol. I am so vain.
A bonus picture of Angelababy, the cat's expression is priceless...


  1. Everything looks so pretty, esp the butterfly hair clips. But the prices are crazy!

  2. Love that hair clip as well. Not willing to pay the price though :)

  3. yeh i want her necklace so bad...don't know where to get one so delicate though

  4. Tanzaa:
    I think those kind of necklace are everywhere in Taiwan/Japan, I have seen them allover the magazines.


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