Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dabao Facial Cleanser

Dabao is a very well known Chinese brand focusing on skin care, hair care and some fragrance products. The brand was founded in 1985 and has been an award winner ever since. The line receives nice feedback from the consumer a year after another while the price remain affordable(the name Dabao itself is most commonly used on...puppies as it means something like "lil' precious.") .

During summer, I asked my mom to get me some Dabao's skin care as I want a little change from my money-burning Shiseido routine ( it's not that expensive consider it lasts a long while but I want a change anyway), at the same time my skin react badly with many/most American drugstore products. Anyway, this tube of facial cleansing milk was one of my mom's haul.
Dabao Facial Cleansing Milk, which retails for 18RMB/ 2-3 US dollars, is one of the most popular products from the line. Each tubes comes with a squeezable bottle with screw lid and it contains 220g (about 8 oz) of products, which is around the same size (or bigger) compare to the cleanser bottle you see in US.

The cleansing milk itself has a light lotion texture and a ginger flower scent that I like. Compared to body lotion, it's just as creamy but it doesn't sink in skin nor feel sticky. In a way, the texture of the cleansers somewhat reminds me of the Skin MD lotion except the fact that it's less viscous and feels creamier to the touch. Just like many cleansing milk available in China, Dabao facial cleanser doesn't foam at all (I reckon that most Japanese cleanser are very foamy) instead, it covers the skin and helps the impurity to glide off.

In a way, it's like Cetaphil (I think a lot of you have tried that?) which cleanses without being harsh on skin. I personally think that Dabao performs better as it gives a clean feel without the tightness, even when I use it during summer. It should be a great cleanser for the winter as it's rather gentle and moisturizing.

Overall, I like it a lot as a cleanser (I still love Shiseido!) While I think it's pointless to hunt for this online and pay 5 dollars shipping for a 2 dollars products, it's very nice thing to try out if you see it in some random Chinese stores or travel in China.

P.S. My mom bought this for her as well after hearing that I like it a lot. She said that it's doesn't get rid of the oil (she uses concealer for her freckles) very well so if you actually wear makeup, this might not be enough to clean everything off.


  1. OMG I remember this from my childhood!!! They had the cheesiest commercials!!! Hhaha...makes me laugh just thinking about it...
    I used their lotion before. It wasn't as bad as something so cheap could have been. I like it for the summer...

  2. I remeber that one in which they go
    "Daobao, see ya tomorrow!"
    "[Nope]Daobao see ya everyday!"

    It's a bit cheesy but made a pretty strong impression on me.

  3. Yeah!!! Ahaha!!! XD
    Was it the one with a guy and a girl? And the guy rode up on a bicycle???
    Me and my friends used to do parodies of that commercial! the age of 8...
    Oh memories...

  4. I think we are talking about different ones (I was watching CCTV in my grandparent's place back in 2006 and there were a bunch of people in a locker room and one guy has his hair shaved...)


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