Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wet n Wild Morbid Nail Color

Another one from the crazed collection. The nail color in Morbid is truly stunning in the bottle with that creamy black base infused with green shimmer.
On the hand, it (Well, I should see this coming because there are 4cm thick of green shimmer shown in the bottle while there is only o.o3cm on my nail.)

Can you see that tad bit of green sheen now with a closeup?

This formula of this dark polish is pretty nice, creamy and easy to apply, it would look a lot flashier with a glossy top coat but I didn't want to keep this manicure for too long so I didn't bother.
Anyway, Morbid would make a fantastic Halloween nail polish. If I were Wet n Wild, I will just name it Forbidden Forest to fit in the theme.

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  1. on your fingers, they don't look morbid at all, so pretty! :)


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