Monday, October 05, 2015

Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte in Mesmerizing Magenta

Back in Spring when I saw Lena's review on Chanel Rouge Allure La Romanesque 
, I became momentarily infatuated with the idea of matte magenta/deep plum lipstick. I couldn't justify buying a high end lipstick, especially one that I mostly likely not going to reach for very often. I decided to head back to the trusted Maybelline, who made (and discontinued!) several of my favorite lipsticks.
Mesmerizing Magenta is a deep magenta that appears shimmer-free. Actually, I think there is loads of purple sheen that's locked from being full-blown, by the matte finish. The color is deep but brightening and not yet into "grandma" category. As with most blue-based lipsticks, it appears much brighter on my mouth. I think I should just stick with warmer tones since they look much more bakanced.

Anyway, my Maybelline purchase from a few years back in 2011 Berry Beautiful  was probably closers in tone with the murky undertone (well it's creamy so it doesn't look remotely close). Basically, neither is reminiscent of the Chanel but I wasn't looking for dupe anyway.
Maybelline Mesmerizing Magenta Lip Swatch - I haven't tried too many matte lipsticks and all of them are from drugstore to sum them up: Wet n Wild has decent creamy formula with beyond-shitty packaging. Revlon wears nice and evenly but some can be thin(Sultry Samba), slippery(Strawberry Suede) or a total waxy junk(stormy pink). Max Factor applies very nicely and wears well (but was discontinued in US 5 years ago). Rimmel is dry and crumbly (but I adore that particular color)...I have a Mac one that I bought after reading it from blog, still haven't touched it (I told you my infatuation was short lived).

Maybelline's creamy matte is probably the one with the best texture so far. It's creamy, opaque and an easy glider. I don't worry about it slipping off the lip boundary. I need to be careful since a tiny dab would result a long skit line when I attempt to rub it away. Wear time was good, but then again I wasn't counting the hours with this play-shade(I wore it when I am at home or doing grocery /strolling /drugstore spying).

Bottom line: Already went back for another shade.

Side note: This still smells like Play-doh. Urgh...


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Mina!
    It is a gorgeous shade and with that blue-violet sheen it reminds me of Revlon HD liquid lip color Pink Ruby (of course, this is even more in-your-face).
    I wonder which shade you went for after Mesmerizing Magenta. Maybelline should start shrink-wrapping their lipsticks since now their lipsticks cost much more than before.

    1. I bought touch of spice(rosy brown) this past weekend just to do the fall beauty cliché...I have revlon matte balm in sultry and it's way too dark and too warm for me (looks like poo). Let's see how it looks, I kind of want to buy (my third or fourth?) another revlon super lustrous gloss nude lustre but I guess all the remaining stock will be at least 4-5 years old...

      I think maybelline is always around the same price in drugstores I visit but this past two years the promotion in drugstore are much tamer (no more 4off12, extra bucks etc) so I might as well just buy one full price and not fuzz over reaching threshold... I am actually toning down on all those for-fun purchases since a 5-dollar lipstick isn't cheap when I only use once (space is slowly becoming an issue as well because apartments here are tiny).


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