Monday, October 06, 2014

Sand Dune - Milani Shadow Eyez 12-hr Eyeshadow

Milani Shadow Eyez 12-hr eyeshadow pen in Sand Dune is probably getting discontinued, as I found it half off at CVS a while back. Just looking at the tube, it look like a glistening metallic taupe (my kind of shade) with multidimensional kind of shine. I was wondering why would people sack off colors this pretty...
As soon as I swatched it on my arm, I found out the reason. There is essentially no base color, only layers and layers of glitter (the pretty one, not the chunky and blunt ones) in various sizes...When you apply it as it is, it can be chunky and uneven. When you blend it out, it's just a film of glitters floating on your lids so using it as an highlighter or allover wash is a no-go.

Since the color itself is unique and pretty enough (I mean, it's not a bland generic taupe), it can be used on top of a simple neutral eye look (at center of lid, dabbed on top of power eyeshadow) or along lower lash line, to fake that coveted (only in Asia) under eye bag...You need a tapered liner brush for the latter though, since penciling it straight on would just looks like a trail left by glitter-slug.
 Milani Brown Deluxe, Sand Dune, Maybelline Strut it Suede Palette (the champagne taupe shade) and Wet n Wild A Little Party. Since the post is a little too short...I decided to tuck in some over-due spy cam pictures of Milani's new Bella Eyes Gel Powder eyeshadow.
The collection is extensive with shimmer, matte, satin and metallic finish. I wonder if they can be used wet since I like some of them as liner shades...

 Also new is the Color Statement Nail Color

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