Wednesday, October 01, 2014

NYX Blush in Cinnamon & Rose Garden

NYX is going at 40% off at ULTA this week so let me put up some over due review (I got these blushes when they were 40% off same time last year). These NYX powder blushes are around 5 dollars a piece (at regular retail price) and come with a bulky (well everything is bulky after you get used to Canmake packaging. At the very least, this doesn't have that huge under compartment) but simple plastic compact.
Cinnamon PB-08 is a mate reddish orange. The color is very pigmented so it's easy to go wrong. During winter and spring when my skin tone is lighter, it looks like juicy tomato flush. When I am really tan (like right after summer), this can look muddy and reminiscent of sunburn.
Rose Garden (PB-26) is a little more forgiving - The medium warm pink has a plenty of noticeable gold flecks (looks more obvious on face but at least they are isolated and not chunky/frosty) shows us as a Fuji-apple flush. Texture wise this one doesn't seem to be as smooth but at least it's not chalky or cakey on face.
Cinnamon and Rose Garden Arm Swatch
Here are some newish products (since I don't want to start another post) - Wicked Dream eyeshadow palette, lash glues and flasies.
Close up of the Wicked Lashes
They also have their take on the lip crayon in Red and Vampy (there are pink and nudes one). The testers are now attached to the display so random people can't steal them (what happened with the brow gel) and people like me can mass-swatch them.


  1. Replies
    1. I am keeping this for later on (probably would look good with brownish scarf), right now (OK, not right now, I mean earlier) I am wearing the brighter orange (coral burst) from Maybelline and it looks pretty nice for the summer weather.

  2. yep i do love cinnamon so very much tho, except that the one i got is alot more yellow than yours and everyone else's that i have seen so far!

    1. Isn't that kind of a good thing though? I always find the yellower orange (like that carrot color from Candy Doll) a little easier to wear than these ones with reddish base...more dolly instead of sunburn-y.


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