Sunday, October 05, 2014

Endless Sea - L'Oreal Infallible 24 HR Eyeshadow

If you have seen my previous reviews on the L'Oreal Infallible 24hr eyeshadow, you would know that this particular formula creases/fades badly on my lid. Anyway, I saw this little tub laying on the clearance basket in Target ($3) so I decided to pick it up and give it a little play.

Endless Sea is a gorgeous metallic lagoon (it's certainly not minty and it's a bit too cool to be called a peacock). The matching teal-colored metallic sheen (probably formed by tiny pieces of gold and blue shimmer) makes it looks like sunlight reflected by the ocean.
Texture wise, it's the same as the other Infallible 24hr eyeshadow. Even though people call it cream-powder hybrid, to me it's more like a mashed up powder eyeshadow, being dampened, crushed then pressed backed (half way, so it's still a tad wet). Like many soft powder eyeshadow, this is rather easy to blend (and the color does diffuse during the process) and has no staying power on my lids, when used by itself.
Maybelline Color Tatoo in Tenacious Teal   Edgy Emerald (I mixed up the name with the nail polish. Anyway,  my tub is almost completely dried out), L'Oreal Endless Sea, Stila Spring Ephemera Trio (one of my favorite palette ever) and Anna Sui Cream Eyeshadow 200 (still applies freshly...But the formula slips a lot though). 
 I ended up using Endless Sea as an liner, on top of primed (with Too Faced Shadow Insurance) lids with some beige-taupe eyeshadow underneath (Kiko Pearly Beige Silk). To my surprise, it's very user friendly as and eyeshadow: Not only the damp powder formula can be picked up easily with a slanted brush, the color also deposit on the lid smoothly while retain the intensity. 

With the help of primer and eyeshadow, this lasted very well on a not-as-hot summer day (as in, the temperature is below 100 degree) only started to noticeably fade after 7-8 hours. Now, I am tempted to buy more just to use them as eyeliners(it also has the added bonus of not drying out too fast, compared to other gel ones)...

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  1. Great idea to wear this color as a liner! Looks good on you too. I should totally do that with mine.


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