Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Holiday 2013 Makeup Sets from Elf and Wet n Wild

Spotted at Target - Elf Holiday 2013 makeup collection with (usual) lip gloss, N-piece set, palette with (usually) chalky shadow
The false eyelashes looks really neat with the gold packaging though. I do like the shades of lip gloss (just don't like the numbing quality that come with them).
4 piece nail polish
5 Piece get the look set (I actually don't get the point of this kind of set), five of (normally 1 dollar, permanent) items that costs five bucks...Why don't people just buy what they like. It's not like any of the shades is limited edition or anything...
The mega palette are back
At least this time they tries a little to make the palette look cute
More palettes
From Walgreens - Wet n Wild Stocking Lovers and Fergie Holiday Eye Kit and Brush Kits
The Jet Set palette isn't that new 

Some baked eyeshadow and other palette from the massive Walgreens wall display

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