Friday, September 06, 2013

Sally Hansen Limited Edition Sugar Coat

I have seen these for quite some while (but never in a display, just individual bottles from Target) so here is Sally Hansen Limited Edition Sugar Coat from CVS.
Sugar Fix, Sweetie, Sour Apple, Bubble Plum
Cherry Drop, Cotton Candies, Razzleberry, Lick-O-Rich (there is an additional dry coat on the display and I am not sure how it would work on textured polish).


  1. I haven't tried these yet. It seems like something that is a trend that will come and go, like crackle nail polishes.

  2. Gah, we only have four from the range in the UK. I hadn't realised there were more

  3. @SarahKay
    I hope so...I am not feeling for any of those. At least I am glad the whole crackle thing is dying down.

    Yeah, I reckon US usually don't get the same limited edition (then again, you guy have a much cooler fall 2013 Revlon collection, with that green/teal lip butter!).


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