Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sinful Colors Heart & Sould, Glam Rock, Country Chic and Jordana Lip Balm Stain

Spotted at Walgreens - A pretty big display for some Sinful Colors nail polish (they haven't been on half off sale for months). Heart & Soul, Glam Rock and Country Chic. I never keep track of what's in their range but I reckon there are a few new shades added.
The dark brown in th eback looks kind of interesting, wouldn't mind getting the creamy hot pink as well.
I like the blurple on the right, let's hope it will go on a good sale when it gets cooler (now it's just too humid and hot for applying nail polish).

Jordana now has its own version of the balm stain (they are either not fully stocked or they are wiped out). At 2.99 bucks a piece, I think I will get the Coral, Hot Pink, Red and maybe the honey shade as well...

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