Sunday, July 07, 2013

Revlon Denim & Diamond Limited Edition

Spotted at ULTA - Revlon Denim & Diamond 3D Jewel Nail Applique
 Some starry, diamond and the blue one looks like Hermes scarf.
More prints (that I don't care about = = ....)
And finally, the four new (summer 2013) shades of lip butter have made it to CVS, I love the new color Watermelon and Sorbet but maybe I will wait till it cools down a little before buying it.

Just a little heads-up, in a day or two, you will probably see a lot of dead pictures in the more recent drugstore spycam posts. My photobucket monthly bandwidth is 90% used up and there are two more weeks till the renewal date. (I have two accounts and one of the bandwidth is already gone...) Since my traffic is not that busy, I suppose the pictures are just being hot-linked somewhere. It happens quite often and the statistics page on Photobucket was able to track it (which is the main reason I used Photobucket) until recently...

I will either have to upload the picture elsewhere or use a more obnoxious watermark. Shame on you, picture/bandwidth thieves.

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