Friday, July 12, 2013

Blue Blowout - Maybelline Color Explosion Luminizing Eyeshadow

Continuing on with my Maybelline clearance sale haul - Now I am starting to understand why they ditched these Color Explosion palette for those eyeshadow pigment single (I am not sure that's an improvement though). For an eyeshadow dummy like me, most of these palette contains only 2 out of 5 shades that's wearable and easy-enough to coordinate, if I were to pay 11 dollars for only two shadows (and three eyesores), why don't I got for singles instead?

Blue Blowout is a combination that seems perfect for showgirls and drag queens (or people cosplaying Disney Cinderella), containing four blues and one big pressed piece of chunky glitter (fall-out heaven).

The matte baby blue was out of question and so is the deep navy (I just don't know how to wear them without turning into some smudgy mess). The two middle shades are lovely. The icy aqua blue is smooth and works nicely as a highlight (though I prefer the mint from Nars Habanera because it's more minty) while the shimmery purple-navy is glamorous (and looks like a smokey eyes on an un-primed under eye circles when I wear it).

Overall: So it turns out that only 1 shade were usable for me...I will give it another try when the weather cools down.


  1. Oooohh I bought this a couple months back but haven't gotten around to it yet!! Swatches look gorgeous! I have several other palettes in the same line and I love them.

    Start slow and don't feel like you have to wear all 5! Since you're comfortable with the icy aqua blue, try this eye-enlarging trick:
    - Blend the icy aqua blue all over the lid up to the brow bone as base and highlight
    - Apply the shimmery purple-navy along the upper lash line, blending up to where the fold is. Use what's left over on the brush to smudge along the lower lash line. When you're more comfortable, switch out this shade for the deep navy.
    - Blink to smudge further. If it doesn't smudge any further, that cool too ^.^
    - With a blending brush dipped once or twice into sparkly top wash, depends on how much bling you want LOL, blend the smudge to blur any harsh lines.

    My go-to lazy look. Super easy. Try it!


    1. I actually wore the shadow last weekend (with the mint and blue under beige...) I think I can't apply a big chunk of blue on my eyes without looking like a prostitute, especially this formula isn't particularly see-through. Anyway, the deeper blue is actually chalkier than how it shows up on my arm (so it just doesn't really blend out on top of other shadow or by itself)...That pretty much just bring the usable shade in this palette, down to one...


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