Sunday, December 09, 2012

NYC City Duet Eyeshadow in Bowling Green

I picked up NYC City Duet Eyeshadow Duo in Bowling Green when I was having another one of those stroke-moment (I wanted the limited edition red/black one but it was no where to be seen, at the same time, the 3-dollar extra buck reward was burning a hole in my pocket). The duo contain two greens: One is a lime green /chartreuse with green and silver pearls (the pearls are so subtle that it's more or less a matte shadow)  and the other is a matte teal-green.
The texture for the both the shade are smooth and silky but the chartreuse is a little more user-friendly. The teal green, being completely matte, lack the shimmering particle (presumably mica, which also acts as a smoothing agent) to maintain a uniform finish so it's a little chalky and powdery. This color, when blended out, also leaves a weird stain on the lid so I don't enjoy using it. I suppose I can use the lime green as a brightening, fresh lid shade but...I am boring so I prefer using beige for that (my Stila Kitten is still going strong after all these years).

Overall: Not a horrible product but for 3 dollars (I don't like it at all)...I could have bought two packs of on-sale Oreo (one of them being golden to prevent the...urgh...toilet-clogging bowel product) then a 2L bottle of Mountain Dew (it was 88 cents last week!) and be much happier.

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  1. it's fun to experiment with unusual colours when they are cheaper. Yeh, sometimes they are not completely HG territory but with some primer they look fun

    ps: I've been tagging you...feel free to join in to write the 12 faves of 2012...might be fun to discover your real likes (& dislikes)


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