Sunday, December 23, 2012

Almay Smart Shade Face Color, Mousse Makeup and Intense i Color

Spotted at Walgreens (the one that put new displays on top of the top-most shelf) - Almay Mousse Makeup (which looks too much like the Revlon one) and a face color/blush kind of thing.
New Intense i-color eyeshadow trio and liquid shadow color primer (Wait, is that a taupe or a deep olive?)
Intense i-color Volumizing mascara, which has a new and unattractive packaging.


  1. Almay's products always seem to be knock-offs of some other brands. They really need an injection of fresh creativity!

    1. Oh, I actually never paid attention to their line up because it always seems boring (I like how natural their mascara is...way back when)and I am actually surprising that brands like Almay, Covergirl and Neutrogena are still around by releasing "meh" products for the past 2-3 year (given that there has been so many great product from their competitor Maybelline/Revlon).


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