Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Covergirl Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss and More

Spotted at CVS, Wet n Wild...Wait, that's Covergirl's New Nail Color called  Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss (with built in top coat because all other polish don't dry glossy...Wait, they don't?).
The nail polish bottle (which looked like the Glossies from NYC before they revamped the line) comes with black square lids and peelable lable and a shade range that looks shockingly similar to the 1-dollar range by Wet n Wild. I mean, look at that teal!
Well, at least the purple cream looks pretty...But still, there is no way that I will pay 6 dollars for a bottle of this. (It's made in France, at least I don't care).
Another new display with old products, Covergirl seems to be very fond of these fake-new displays.
Some more random bath and body bucket from CBs, I am not sure what brand it's from.
Another bucket variety of the Wet n Wild spoiled collection. This time with a purple crackle. 
Spotted at Walgreens- Set of Hello Kitty lip balms and other accessories for little girls. I wish all those Hello Kitty products in are better-made ...

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