Sunday, July 01, 2012

Ganier Sleek Shine Moroccan Oil, Fall Fight Shampoo Conditioner

New Garnier hair care products from CVS - Sleek and Shine  Shampoo (hidden behind the model), serum and leave-in conditioner.
 Garnier is the...(I lost count) brand to do the Moroccan oil treatment thing (chock full of silicone and with Moroccan oil at the very end of the list), I am guessing people really like that stuff even though the effect is tangible?
Three different hair spray powered with natural bamboo extract
Fall fight shampoo, conditioner and strand saver - I shed like a dog (or cat, since I get hair balls on my bed) myself but I think a friend of mine need this more than I do...Every time after she showers, the drain would look...I totally screamed the first time I saw that glob of seaweed...

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