Stila Convertible Color in Gladiola and Orange Lipsticks Comparison

Before I got into powder blushes (I just enjoy dusting it on to "set" my sunscreen and the fact that many powder blush would even out my skin tone a bit) Stila convertible colors were my favorite cheek products, I collected a few but stopped after realizing the rate of me using them up is no where close to the rate those dust (or unknown stuff) that's accumulating on the cream surface...Ok, back to topic:
Stila Convertible Color in Gladiola is a bright orange cream(again, courtesy of my roommate)"stuff" that can be used as both lip and cheek stain (the formula is a bit too thick to be used as a lipstick but it's still doable). The bright orange looks scary at first but it shows up as a healthy peachy, tipsy glow once it's sheered out.Many said it's a great color for girls with tan skin but I personally also think it's lovely on girl with fair skin tone, especially when it blends with the natural redness of skin and creates that deep-from-within flush, that's different from a diaper-rash like one (the kind I get with some pink blush). 

To make the post longer and more interesting (I don't like to do blush swacthes since I never use enough for them to show in picture), here is a swatch comparison between all the oranges lipsticks (my roommate and) I have: 
MAC Morange is a juicy tangerine that looks great dabbed on (then layered with a clear gloss), Etude House VIP girl OR205 is creamier, peachier orange that's very typical of their sweetie-pie brand image (and it smells so good!) my favorite of the bunch is actually Revlon .
Here is another picture of Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Coral, I finally got a color accurate one taken. Note to self, avoid taking pictures when the sun is about to set. I think it's a really glamorous orange (sounds a bit weird to hear "glamorous" and "orange" in the same sentence) that would match both a pretty vintage gown, sun dress or even a floral bathing suit.
Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Coral with L'Oreal Colour Juice Melon Punch on top, a summery way to wear the color. If you need some outfit inspiration for orange lips...
Here is Fan Bing Bing wearing Elie Saab for the March 9th show in Paris fashion week.I didn't get the turban part at first but after seeing so many shots of her long cascading hair (which I am totally jealous of), the style actually quite refreshing.Kudo to her stylist!


  1. Pretty orange lips!! I got into the orange blush trend after seeing your post on orange cheeks but I'm still working up the guts to try out orange lips!

  2. You have lovely lips! I love orange and coral lipstick too. I'm going to hunt down that Revlon Coral, thanks for your post!

  3. Wow totally looking forward to the orange lips trend this year :) Etude House will release a Miss Tangerine line with brighter orange lipsticks I think.

  4. Vonnie:
    I think you will like the shade, it looks even better on girl with darker skin tone!

    I kind of think orange lips is a bit easier to wear than orange cheeks, since there is already some redness to bounce it off. Anyway, if all things fail, you can always dab it on as a stain.

    Have fun with your hunt!

    I saw the promo picture and it kind of scared me...I mean, everything was orange, even her hair. Anyway, I like the pictures of the products though.

  5. You have gorgeous teeth and lips! OH MY I am having a crush on your mouth! hahahah that does not sound right OH MY! Anyways, the color is wonderful on you!Orange suits you!

    I am not a fan of Fan Bing Bing's photo though :(

  6. Nikki:
    Thanks for your compliment :)

    I do think Fan's outfit could be too much for some (maybe many?) people but I personally like it because her looks are always unexpected.

  7. what a pretty orange shade! I love it! and did i mention how much i like your teeth - you have a great smile!

  8. I love Gladiola- I agree, it looks great on pale skin. I wore it today, setting it with Nars Orgasm. It's springy and fresh. I heard someone paired it with Nars Taj Mahal- that would be pretty. Great review :)


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