Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Nivea Strawberry Tinted Lip Balm - Girl Next Door Red

It seems to me that in beauty blogs, people never get tired of the question of "Lip Stick or Lip Gloss". For me, I like them both but the ultimate gift from above are the multi-taskers like conditioning lipstick, glosses pigmented like a creamy lipstick, or lip balm with a glossy sheen...I mean, why pick A,B or C when you can go "All of the above"?
Nivea A kiss of Flavor Strawberry Tinted Lip Care is a new member in their lip balm family (at least I didn't see those in Walgreens until late last year/early spring),judging from the availability (or lack thereof) of this particular shade, it seems to be the most popular shade/formula out of the whole collection.
Nivea Strawberry Lip Balm totally reminds me of sorbet, with the semi-transparent texture, silver micro glitter and that delicious (real) freshly ripe (I want to say fresh stawberry but it doesn't really have that grassy scent) strawberry scent.I also like that they added an extra layer of tube inside so the stick won't be wobbling around.
On the lips,Nivea Strawberry Tinted Lip Balm happens to look more pigmented because of the glaze effect (sand look darker when it's wet)and the silver mirco-glitter add a dimension/see-trough, jelly quality that makes the balm something more than just a light red tint. 

Overall: For our day three of Red Lips Week (after the mediocrity, things are finally clearing up), here is an "all of the above" balm that pretty much does it all: Color, sheen, moisture, sun protection(SPF4 is not a whole lot but still better than nothing)and great scent...and for less than three dollars, it really looks like a gift from high above.

P.S.I did find a little flaw about this product: As the balm is pressed on the lips during application, the stick has a tendency to retract by itself due to the pressure exerted on the weak base(I'm not sure if there is another way to phrase it). Anyway, that's totally fine with me because God said that perfection itself is imperfection(IMO, Vladimir Horowitz is God).


  1. ahhhh, you are right about the weak base of this balm, I remembered this melting a bit when it was hot down here, but I really love the colors they offer! Your teeth seriously look gorgeous!!! (Well not related to the balm but still, it works with the balm) :D

  2. I have the cherry one and I love it, but the original blue is my FAVORITE chapstick! I have them all over the place. :-D

  3. Nikki:
    Yeah, I can't imagine how would they be like in a tropical area.

    Haha, I will certainly give that a look. Anyway, I personally didn't like the cherry shade that much as it's not as glossy or moisturizing.

  4. I saw a bunch of these at the Dollor Tree (for a $1)!


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