Max Factor Vivid Impact Lip Color in Sweet Tart

For the girls in US, you might have noticed that P&G is pulling out Max Factor starting 2010 to concentrate their effort/whatever on CoverGirl. The news didn't make me panic because I am not one of those girls who swear by the 2000 Calories mascara (fyi, Anna Sui super long mascara is my ultimate favorite), it did make me happy as I know that I will be expecting a major price slash...
A few month later, the sale finally came and I snatched one of the Max Factor Vivid Impact Lip Color Lipstick, the color of which looks interesting enough to make me shell out 3 dollars, not to mention the tube isn't particularly cheap or flimsy looking. The Shade I picked is 08 Sweet Tart: A bright coral pink, what I call a Candy Coral in matte finish. At first I was a bit hyped about this lipstick as the "swatch" on the base of the lipstick looks a lot like the much-hyped (but not really much-raved, from the reviews I have read) Lancome Chris & Tell, a beauty that I didn't get because I spent too much on Anna Sui.

Anyway, when I opened the tube, Sweet Tart is no longer as wow-worthy as the actual lipstick has a more pinkish tone to it (while the "swatch" looks more like a pinkish melon), thus no Lancome dupe...Well, I guess I will live anyway, since the color is quite pretty itself and I haven't got anything quite like this in my lipstick collection.
As you can see, Max Factor Sweet Tart does offer a decent color-payoff (deserving the name "Vivid Impact") with only one swipe and the lip color has a clean/matte finish that doesn't distract people from the pretty color.On the lips, admittedly Sweet Tart looks dry (not drying though, as some Revlon would look perfectly oily and slick but give an heavy, suffocating sensation to my skin) and it just let my lip lines sitting there. The good part is that the color goes on nicely and while it's not really moisturizing, it still get alone with my skin and feels very comfortable and light-weight. A bit stretched (I try not to show my chompers very often in case you get sick of them) and you can see how thin the layer of lipstick is. With a bit of gloss to smooth out/warm up the color, I used Babypink lip jelly in Orange and the color, although kind of bright, it's quite flattering and gives a wake-me-up effect. I think I will need a straight orange lipstick as a base if I want to make this lipstick to look remotely like Lancome Chris & Tell because of the ample mauve undertone I have...
A few minutes later, all the dryness is gone! (Babypink is the bomb!)

Back to the lipstick-Overall, I do like how this Mac Factor lipstick perform (it's probably my favorite drugstore lipstick when it comes to color, finish, price and packaging) and even it's not a dupe for anything, sweet tart is still gorgeous on its own.


  1. hmm yeah i like some of maxfactors stuff a lot...
    i suspect the formulations/ what they sell is different in england to america though

  2. that looks sooo good :)i loveee corals! it makes me want to go to a drugstore ...

  3. I think this colour is gorgeous, I love how it looks on you! It's not exactly a dupe for Chris & Tell but who cares =)

  4. Simplee Elegance:
    Yeah, I checked their website and it seems that Max Factor UK doesn't sell any of the brighter shades...
    My drugstore actually doesn't even have it...but anyway, from what I have seen online OCC lip tar in grandma is actually pretty darn gorgeous and the formula might be much nicer than this lipstick...but then again it's 12.5bucks and I haven't found a way to duck shipping fees...
    Yeah, who cares anyway especially Chris and tell is like 70 bucks on eBay...

  5. I love Max Factor lipsticks, they have nice color payoff. I don't think we have this one here though, but the color looks gorgeous!

  6. Gio:
    Color like this is so hard to find in US drugstore brand (while Barry M seems to carry so many cool shades of lipstick, too bad the eBay price is more expensive than MAC ...)


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