Friday, January 15, 2010

Wet n Wild 2010 Product Revamp: Color Icon Eyeshadow, Megalast Nail Color and Mascara

Apparently Wet n Wild is having a major product revamp and my grocery store go a lot of new stock yesterday (I go there all the time to buy fresh food since it's 5 minutes walking distance from where I live.)and I just happen to have my camera with me.

First there are the Color Icon eyeshadow singles (There are two more boring shades I didn't bother to take picture of), the new packaging is a flip open square compact with the words "Wet n Wild" carved inside the lid (it's tougher and more user friendly). The pictures were taken in a bad lighting plus blurred out by blogger. In real life, Lagoon, Nutty and Kitten are all quite pretty. It seems that most of these eyeshadow are new beside the medium purple infused with gold shimmer, kitten, the color is pretty much the same as Mega Eye eyeshadow in Goddess, which itself is a close-enough-for-me dupe for NARS strada. Anyway, I might buy Nutty and Kitten when they are buy one get one free in Walgreen since the Nutty looks like a really pretty shimmering taupe (Pink Sith, are you reading this? lol) It's weird that I don't have any taupe shadow yet...
Color Icon (as if the old "Mega Eye" is not flashy enough) eyeshadow trio and eyeshadow palette...What do you call eyeshadow palette with six pieces? Heximal? Hexo?
In chamber music the biggest it get is quintet (5 players) so I guess this palette could be call a band? Most of the colors from the palette are a bit ugly so I guess I will not bother checking those out either...

New packaging (or just new?)mascara and powder blush. None of the shade looks unique enough to be worth it and the compact doesn't look very enduring (Do you know how many bourjois round pots I have stepped on?).
The mega last nail color have a new packaging already. It seems that the color are less tacky than the usual Wet n Wild line up. I would buy the purple one but then again I have a beautiful bottle of purple China glaze already...
There are also new shades added to the 1-dollar Wild Shine Nail Color line. And it seems that they got rid of the Rock Solid and Crystalic Nail Color branch...No way, I like those...


  1. Yup, WnW revamped their line :( You can find all the info at

    The blushes are supposed to be the same (just new formula), but we'll have to see. *sigh*

    I hear Nutty's really great! Personally I'm interested in that and Envy. Hope to see a review for some of these new products from you soon :)

  2. have not commented in along time, but wanted to say, i still read your posts, you post so much! i wish i can be like that >< love the spy camera action going on =D new wet and wild eyeshadows intrigue me

  3. I can't wait till BOGO on them. The blushes look nice as well as the e/s quad. Not feeling the colors of the single e/s. No new lippies??!!

  4. Shao:
    Thanks for sharing, actually I never care much about offical drugstore releases info (like how Covergirl let bloggers preview those eyeshadow and gloss last year?) since, those will be available in bulk in drugstore and are not limited edition, I mean, if I know MAC releases ahead of time I can at least budget for it, it I know Wet n Wild releases ahead of time...I will wait for sale after it's out anyway...
    Oh, you don't have to comment, just drop by whenever you feel like it.I probably won't post as much after MLK day though...
    Rayqueen Bee:
    There is a new line of lipstick from the range as well and I just didn't bother that much as drugstore lipstick usually don't spark my interest all that much.

    You can find a review at Nouveau Cheap, I don't link reviews from the blog because I personally can't really see the exact finish and color of the lipstick on the site and I usually link very clear close-up taken with natural light and relaxed (unstretched) lips, like how Yuki usually does her swatch. It's just a personal preference since Yuki and Arora are the only two bloggers I link frequently.

  5. Those look like Cover Girl mascaras...

  6. hi citrine! first time reading your blog. Thanks for taking these pictures, although i'm sure when the new stuff will pop up near me. Also, a 6-shadow palette is called a "sextet", I'm sure! Love your blog. :)

  7. Angela:
    Thanks for the info! (Now I kind the see point not mentioning the name as the name does kind of look like "sext text message"...)

  8. Sorry to hear you hate my lipstick reviews. lol. :)

    Also, surprised you think all the colors in the 6-pan palettes are "ugly". I have two so far and I think they're pretty darn gorgeous. The mattes in those palettes are turning out to be better quality than some of the MAC and Bobbi Brown mattes I own (they go on so smoothly, like silk and don't leave weird little blotches like some mattes do). Oh well, sorry they didn't appeal to you! Thanks for the review.

  9. Recessionista:

    I don't hate your reviews on lip products,I personally like to see swatches done in certain way so it shows the texture as well as possible and this is the reason I only link Yuki and Arora when it comes to swatches.


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