Saturday, January 16, 2010

NYX eyeshadow display

Beside those new Rimmel, Wet n Wild and Milani. My grocery store also introduced NYX cosmetics so I guess will just share some pictures of the display. The single eyeshadow are very well rated among bloggers but I personally can't really find a shade I want to wear. (One thing about drugstore eyeshadow is that even when they are silky and pigmented, the color seems a bit tacky.) More neutral color.
Jumbo eyepencils. I might get the lilac one since it looks cute.
The glitter eye palette. I have seen a girl on a Chinese forum doing face of the day with looks quite tacky.


  1. I do own the more neutral toned NYX single e/s, I would and could never purchase the glittery ones, not for me :) the jumbo eye pencils are quite ok for me ;)

  2. I love this NYX eyeshadow called Luster.. its one of my everyday greens I love to wear.

  3. Ah, you're so lucky! There's NYX near me but not the eyeshadow singles :(

  4. Wait this is very interesting, which drugstore is that? I wish my local drugstore sold NYX.

  5. Rayqueenbee:
    I am sorry that I made a mistake (and mislead you) it was actually my grocery store which is only in my state...

  6. I have an NXY in Charcoal Brown, when I use it on top of my eyeliner, I find that my eyes water and feel a bit irritated during the day, which they don't do with any other brand that I use (Revlon Colorstay, Mac, Physician's Formula, Clinique).


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