Thursday, December 24, 2009

Revlon Passion Fusion Purple Quad

This is a review from 3 months ago but since purple would still take a big spot in the makeup trend, I guess it's not too late to post them up.

Instead of the usual black plastic compact, Revlon used a nickle metallic finished paint for this compact (which totally reminds me of Shiseido Maquillage) the special packaging makes the quad look quite expensive (consider it cost me $2.5) compared to all its drugstore neighbors. In fact, I thing the packaging is a lot more substantial looking that that of Sephora brand Too Faced. From left to right the Passion Fusion quad contains 2 seemly opaque eye color and 2 translucent lip/cheek color they are:pale pink with a touch of golden beige- I think this color would be quite nice as a base as long as it doesn't contain too much silicone (with has a tendency to crease) but the color is rather sheer that it yields a sheer layer of duo chrome sheen even when I try to load it on. While it wouldn't hold any shadow as a base but it does give a slight brightening effect applied allover the lids.
Medium mauve with matching sheen- The shimmer/sheen is as delicate as the first one. The color pay off is also similar (rather poor) but I guess mauve isn't really the best color to be applied boldly as eyeshadow anyway.
Transparent Garnet- This lip/cheek color has a texture that reminds me of lipstick. While the color is quite opaque, it also seems to be quite light which makes perfect for staining lips. It gives me a sweet bright look that's quite wearable (Benefit Benetint usually turns fuchsia on me.) The color works equally well dotted on cheek as blush as well.

Deep Purple- This pan has the same texture and color as the red one. The color looks just like that Va Va Violet Lipstick but the texture is a lot easier to work with (Va va violet was impossible to build up as the new layer wipes of the previous one) Not only I can use it as a satin to created that slightly diseased purple lips look that is so popular in those fall 2009 runway (It doesn't look bad as long as you don't overkill) it would also show up fully layered on (not a flattering look on girls with big mouth, I have to say.) It actually doesn't hideous as a cheek stain because there are a bit of red in it and when it's rubbed in, there is just some very light flush (instead of monkey butt you get from pink blushers.)

Anyway, Shiseido Majolica Majorca (#88) and Shu Uemura (Asian Exclusive, I think...) have lilac shade blush and they are all supposed to look like a very light flush. Since purple have been quite hot for the pass few seasons, there might be more purple blush out in the spring, who knows?

Back to Revlon, overall this quad performs quite well. While the first 2 colors are sheer, at least to don't look boring or crease right away. The cheek/lip color are my favorite in the quad as the stain feels light, comfortable and are very natural looking. It would still be worth it (come on, the packaging looks expensive)even if you buy it at full price although sales go on all the time.


  1. I saw this palette and was quite interested. Except the first two colors just remind me of the palette I already have.

  2. The Revlon palette looks so pretty. I havent seen it around in that nickel metal finish. Im such a sucker for cool packaging :-) Just swinging by to say hi and cool blog!

  3. Smiley:
    The first 2 colors are quite boring but they are pretty sheer no matter how you layer on so maybe that's a bit special?

    It's it quite pretty for Revlon but I guess Japanese brands usually do "cute" better.


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