Milani Infinite Liquid Eyeliner in Endless

Milani Infinite liquid eyeliners are released fall 2009, I am not a big fan of Milani cosmetics but since these eyeliners has some really pretty color. The liner retails for 6 bucks and I decided to give them a go when I received a coupon from drugstore.
As I remember, there is a lime green, purple, blue, bronze and a black one, all are shimmery beside the black one. Since I already have green and blue liner that I love (Stila smudge pot in Jade and Cobalt), I picked the Endless, a shimmering purple.
This particular shade is quite intense and pretty. The rich eggplant has small, jewel like shimmer and while I always thought the golden Milani packaging is gaudy, the purple and gold actually look pretty nice together. The eyeliner comes with a very fine tip brush but it was quite gooey that I find it very difficult to get a line as fine as the brush itself. With a (very careful) tiny dip, you can see that there is always some wetness as it's applied and it takes quite a while to dry compared to other eyeliner I have tried. Anyway, the color is quite intense and the shimmer makes the deep purple shade even prettier. I don't mind when an eyeliner takes quite a while to dry as long as it gives a nice effect (no pain, no gain!) but as you can see, once it's dry, the color sinks in and the shimmer just disappeared and the purple becomes flat.

I guess I can always spice it up with some glitter? Anyway, since it was impossible to draw a clean line with the applicator, I decided to deal with it and use my own eyeliner brush instead: While there is a cure for the thick brush, there is no hope changing the gooey formula. Not only it takes forever to dry (of course I don't have patience and ended up like Esther during the last 20 minutes of Orphan ) the itty bitty bits of eyeliner crust also takes forever to remove...

Never again, Milani. I will stick with the cake eyeliners instead.


  1. And your quest for the perfect purple liner continues...

  2. Oh my god, I LOVE this colour! It's a bummer that the product itself is less awesome, though :(

  3. The color is very pretty but it's a shame the quality isn't that good.

  4. The colour is stunning (when wet - darn)! It's a pity the colour doesn't stay true, and that the formula is so gooey as you say. I prefer gel liners or pencils, so I don't think I'd buy this anyway! Great review =)

  5. Rae:
    It's not just less awesome...I think it's craptastic. (Who in the world wait for 5 minute to let their eyeliner dry anyway...)

    Milani is pretty good at making this kind of pretty at first sight products.

    Yeah, it would give mac a run for their money if it stay shiny and dry a bit faster...this stuff does last quite a while...

  6. Good thing I returned this before opening it. I read reviews on MUA that it's really hard to remove, and I just decided.


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