Sunday, October 04, 2009

Revlon Beyond Natural Protective Lip Tint in Rosy

After getting 4 tubes of Beyond Natural glosses from Revlon, I was relatively happy and wanted to try more.
So I went ahead and grabbed one of their well rated lip tint (I have seen the review of this lip tint for a while already but I just don't usually like lipstick with ugly tubes, as they tend to run out much less quickly and an ugly tube lying around is a bit of an eyesore). Since my then-favorite (means I found an even better one) shade of lip gloss was rosy, I went ahead and get the lip balm in the same color.
The gloss has the same packaging as those Nivea lip balm (that I don't really like) and a similar artificial fruity scent that takes some time to get used to but it doesn't get on my nerve like some Boot's No.7 gloss or NYC lip slider. I don't know why it's named like this anyway, there is nothing rosy about the color. It's looksmore like a peachy-orange to me.

The texture of the balm is very soft and it glides on quite nicely. The color is sheer at one swipe (shown here) but can build up to that of a medium intensity lipstick.( A lot better than Japanese lipstick but only around 60-70% of MAC.)

I probably like it better than lipstick because it really smooth out the lips like a very creamy balm. The finish isn't waxy or too oily, just a soft-focus shine that's quite wearable and comfortable. Many people in Makeup alley call it a merge between a cream lipstick and a balm, I can certainly see how.

The lip tint also has a SPF 15, I don't see how much it helps as there is only a bit of UVB sunscreen (that's it) like all other Revlon glosses.
Since the lip tint creates a smooth base and provide an ample amount of warm color, I used it with the Super Lustrous Lip gloss in Nude Lustre I think the the combo reduces the pigment floating and line-up associated with the nude lustre. (I will try this balm in conjecution with other glosses in some lip combo since it looks like a decent layering piece.)


  1. I really like how it looks layered with the gloss. I'm surprised it has so much color since it's just a tint!

  2. that's really pretty! the shade is just perfect! very natural looking! I wish my lips will look like that ..even once!

  3. hmm..I think I have this one...except it doesn't look nearly as good on me...
    I found it drying and sinks into lines... how do u keep ur lips so smooth???

  4. Daituf:
    I use/load on a vaseline based balm (like smith minted rose but I microwave it and add some grape seed oil in the tub.) in the evening and the second day I just wipe off the gunk alone with dead skin cells that got soaked off...

    Exfoliating doesn't help much in my case, it makes my lips bleed. Oh,yeah, lots of fruits and vegetables helps as well...

  5. That's a beautiful shade, it loos very natural.

  6. oooooh...that is a good tip! Exfoliating doesn't do much for me either...

  7. I hate nivea lip balm, it gets so hard to apply after a week, seems like the balm gets dry...

  8. new follower here.. loved your blog


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