Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Sally Hansen Evil Bumpy Papaya

Ok, I made the name up, it's supposed to be Diamond Strength Nail Polish in Sunrise, Sunset (all depends on your frame of reference.)

I took me quite a while to realize how shitty these Sally Hansen nail polish really are (especially they are not really cheap) but this twin pack (yes, it comes with a clear one, worst clear polish ever...) kind of caught my eyes with a nice orange with a golden green sheen, like a papaya. (One of my favorite fruits, but I eat everything...)

When it comes to pigmentation and application, bumpy papaya isn't as bad as the ones I have tried...but the formula is quite thick so each brush stroke give you an ample amount of gunk...and it dries bumpy and after two hours, the surface is still marshy that I can leave finger prints on it....ewwww.

It might be becuase of the clear one I used as a base though, since that one was one of a kind gooey mess to start with...The bright side is that, it looks good at a distance...


  1. Lol, I like your name better XD. And it does look very pretty :). But I guess that if it's not dry after 2 hours (?!?), it does suck :-/ :(.

  2. hmm...it does not remind of of Papaya..lol it reminded me of a tangerine..sorry! hahahaha it looks really nice though, but close up I would say so many dupes out there :)


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