Friday, June 05, 2009

Jane Color Stick Eye Color and Liner

The Walgreen nearby is having some big price slashes on Jane Cosmetic recently, since I do like most of the stuff I have tried, I picked up another goody called ColorStick in Storm and deep green with a tiny amount of bluish tinge.

The color stick has a bizzare design, it's like the core of a creamy shadow pencil, except it's covered by a clear plastic tube, there seems to be a lot of product in the tube, but I have no idea how to get them up. They do sell a sharpener just for this, which looks like an ordinary sharpener...

The shadow itself is still a bit sheer and not as creamy as I want but I think it works really well enhancing the color of powdered shadow (like that Shu Uemura one which looks like dirt) and make them stick longer, like MAC shadestick, only a lot cheaper. The shadow itself doesn't cling on skin that well so a eyelid primer is needed (as always).


  1. is JANE a drugstore brand from the US? I'm never good at liner stick. I always play it safe when it comes to e/s.

    Btw I love your images in this blog. I bet u're a pro photographer. =)

  2. Hi Hanna:
    Yeah, Jane is a drugstore brand sold in US drugstore "Walgreens" with majority of their items made in Canada. The price range is between dirt Cheap brand and Maybeline...but the quality is really nice.

    And I am flattered that you like my pictures, I am a student (dealing with lab reports,computer and geeky stuff, anything *but* artsy) who is anal about how pictures come out.

  3. Hi Citrine,

    If that's the case, then u're one cool, geeky beauty junkie. Gosh now im your frequent blog stalker! Honestly, I love reading your reviews, esp on products that arent available in my country.


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