Thursday, May 14, 2009

Physicians Formula Plump Potion Mascara

Yeah I know, I have got 3 or 4 mascaras from Physicians formula before realizing their mascara are simply garbage and those plump potion lip glosses all look / taste pretty disgusting on me as well...But I can't help but being curious on something that get a good review on Makeup alley, and don't you wonder how a $10 drugstore mascara would perform?

If the curiosity is not enough, look at the tube, it's so cute!

Normally I go for brown to brownish black mascara because they look more natural on me, this time, I went for ultra black potion, since I want ink dipped lashes.

With a little help from a lash comb, this ultra black potion mascara does give me ink dipped lashes without clump or smears. There is no fibers but I do think it gives a nice length as well as volume and it's better than many drugstore mascara I have tried but the $10 price tag is a bit scary since most of the time I go for something that's around 2-3 bucks. (With promotion and coupon) and this brand never went below 6 bucks.

Another mascara that's also very nice, Almay one coat nourishing thickening one...It coats my lashes well and still manage to give a clean definition. The price is a lot more wallet friendly than many brands as well.

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