Friday, March 06, 2009

Wet n Wild Rock Solid Magic Amethyst

At first sight The Rock Solid Nail Lacquer in Magic Amethyst looks identical to the Crystalic Nail Color in Femme Fatale, they are both bright fuchsia with fine silver shimmer. I like the Crystalic nail color a lot, but it doesn't look that good on top of dresser since the sticker got peeled off already. So I though I will buy the Rock Solid as a back up or dresser stand-in while I will keep using the other one.

In fact, the two nail color are so diffrent that saying Magic Amethyst is the same as Femme Fatale is like saying bagel is the donut...

The first thing I nocticed when I put on the color is that, the formula is runnier (still very easy to apply), and one wipe of color gives onlya semi-sheer layer of bright pink but adding one or two layers will result in a popping, almost neon-like bright pink while Femme Fatale pretty much gives you the enought of a creamy fuchsia that you would not need a second layer, whether it's 2 or 3 layers, they all look the same anyway.

For Femme Fatale, I think the creamy texture and bright, but not harsh color will be suitable for many people and age group. I think , if I carry my outfit well enough, I will be able to wear that color even when I am in my 50s.

But for this bright shade of pink...I am already feeling a bit uneasy wearing it wandering around. It's just looks so bright and with that butt load of sliver frost (Yes, the shimmer shows up in this) the vibe is simply so...7th grade.

Well, you could take it as, fun, loud, candy sweet, adventurous daring or...Call it a Middle-schoolers-will-love-it shade.

A close up of Magic Amethyst on my thumb nail...

Another thing about this color is that it's a lot pickier than the creamy Femme Fatale : First there is a lot going on, bright color, candy coated finish and the frost that it can easily highlight imperfections like dry/ rough hand or hang nails like that. It's also picky on what you wear with it: Pairing it with loud makeup might make you look like a drag Queen, if you do a soft neutral face the color will actually clash with the whole look...Don't even get me started with the clothes...

Anyway, it's nevertheless a perfect color for spring or summer...And if your are comfortable with bright color like this, do check it out!


  1. Your hand is such a pretty colour with this on :D!
    [I know that sounds bizarre XD.]

  2. I want this color!!! SOOOO pretty!!!!

  3. This color is gorgeous, I want it!!

  4. Hi Cris , Nikki and Gio:

    I think that the bright pink do photograph well on people with cool undertone...I like the color quite a bit, but it's so bright in real life...



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