Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wet n Wild Flash Dry Nail Color

I generally love the nail polish from Wet n Wild, the color shows really well with just one layer, it's also quite long lasting and the shade you get on your nails is pretty much as what's shown on the bottle. My only complain is the lack of cool color. But well, there is always limited edition ...

Flash Dry is a new line of nail polish as well available for a limited time and quantity last summer. The price was 1.99 dollars a piece. (don't be scared, the Crystalic nail color in Femme Fatale I have is also two dollar but I love the finish and color!).

So far, all of the Wet n Wild nail polishes I have are made in China and this line is all made in France...The made in China one works pretty well does it mean that the new line is better, like it captured the arts of YSL, Dior or Chanel?

I got the one in swift and acceleration. A deep red and deep fuchsia with vinyl finish and absolutely no shimmer at all. I love that since very bold color like red and fuchsia looks very good on their owns already, extract parts are usually unnecessary.

Each of the shade is really rich and pretty to tell you the truth but the nail polish truly live up to their name...Flash Dry...They are so thick and they dried before I even finish painting one nail, so I could never get an even finish with that...Well I guess I should always try later...

The then limited edition brow powder and cream eyeliner (which I've reviewed here) out at the same time as the nail polish. I think Wet n Wild decided to put them in permanent line because of the good review.

I only had a chance to grab the cream eyeliner, while the brow set (like my brows aren't thick enough already) and mascara were gone before I know it.


  1. hehe sneaky sneaky :) i love trying wet&wild. even it turns out bad, they're dirt cheap so i don't regret it :3

  2. Angie:
    For me, an eyesore is an eyesore, if I buy something I don't like for a dollar, I would return it even it's wet n wild. Over the winter I got two bottles of Wet n Wild craze nail polish one is too tacky (fuchsia can be quite tacky) another gold one is too sheer, I exchanged them for a jumbo sized potato chips.


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