Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Time for a new mirror...

Mom always call me nut and my friend call me overly narcissus for collecting/buying beautiful mirrors. I personally don't think it's a waste at all...I don't wear make up all that often...so all my eye shadow are like toys to me, but beautiful mirrors do give me good mood whenever I am plucking my eye brows and putting on sun screen, don't women dress up to make them self feel good anyway?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I love my Anna Sui mirrors both the black and the white one...But the warm weather is here and the black rose compact is a tad bit too classy and serious for the bright sunlight and the only white one I have scratches way too easily...

So, it's time to get a new one I guess? (See, this is how I made excuses to buy something pointless...) Let's take a look at the candidates!

Paul and Joe Hand Mirror
Scallop shaped mirror on the beach...Perfect for spring break don't you think? I love the simple design, chrysanthemum The mirror looks a lot studier than the ones I have, thanks to the metal part...

I like floral patterns in general...but I can help but noticing several facts:

1.Why does the name has to be so long, I have to go to Google to look up how to spell the word.
2.Chinese usually visited their passed loved one with this flower.
3.In Taiwanese slang, it shares the meaning with "butt hole".

And it comes with a suede pouch just like my Anna Sui Hand Mirror...It's useless for me though, since I still drop my mirror to the floor for countless time. (I am glad that the black mirror from Anna Sui is very low-maintenance...it still looks new)

See, a round white mirror will look so good on a warm day...

I also spotted the brush stand...So much prettier than the brush stand from Anna Sui and the ahem...iron one from Stila.

It's going to look weird holding my Stila brushes though.

The oh-so-diva looking Jill Stuart compact stand-up mirror.

See, even Hamasaki Ayumi has it...it does look so good in her dresser. Click here for an actual picture of this mirror from a beauty blogger Val Chante.

And here is a hand mirror, you can see actual pictures and measurements for this as well as the compact mirror here in Katy's Blog (in Chinese).

According to the official website,all of Jill Stuart's beauty products are designed based on "A diamond is a girl's best friend"...I personally don't feel much for the carbon compound that's utterly useless beside for cutting glasses. If someone is stupid enough to give me a diamond ring...I think will accept with all wills then exchange it for a Steinway Model M or Petroff Model IV (if the diamond is big enough for a baby grand, I guess) ...Steinway an Petroff (I don't mind having a Bechstein, hey) are so much much more beautiful in my opinion.

Plus, a 12 year old should know that fact that the mirrors are clearly made of plastic(And I've heard complain about it looks plastic the very first sight then getting worse as you scratches it) .

I mean, if you are plastic you will always be, why pretend to be something you will never be. This the the same reason I actually like Anna Sui mirrors...Plastic and proud, huh?

This limited edition one is probably the only Jill Stuart mirror I am remotely interested in among the three. I like round compact and how they photographed it. Although all the Jill Stuart Mirrors are pretty to look at, I've never thought of owning them as a part of my collection. I guess it's just way too cute? (Maybe in a in-your-face way of cute?)

Just imagine, in a warm sunny day. The professor is explaining the occurrence of "spontaneous symmetry breaking" in a lecture and 20 geeks with glasses and pickle colored shirts are listening eagerly. Suddenly, a speck of light is reflected to the lecture hall off the hand of a girl-geek, who is checking her teeth...All heads turn to the source of disturbance, only to find out that it's a mirror full of plastic diamond...

I think I will burst out laughing right away...

Image credit:
Jill Stuart
Paul and Joe
etianshi forum (in Chinese)
user: 草莓牛奶糖


  1. LOL about the mirror full of plastic diamonds! LOL :)

    Those are wonderful mirrors, I want the stand up mirror with bulbs!!! :)

  2. Hi Citrine!! I didn't know that you had a blog!!! Well now I can stalk you hehehe. I always hold back on getting that pj mirror whenever I do a pj order! Hahaha

  3. Hi Nikki:

    That big one might be the prettiest of all...My mom's has a really nice wooden dresser with a carved wooden mirror (which I spilled nail polish on) I like that quite a lot, I think I will have it when I "grow up" since that women already got another dresser and put her "old" one in my old room...I swear habits like this runs in genes...


    Hi Fuzz:

    You are being *very* smart not ordering the Paul and Joe mirror...I just got it in the mail today (I ordered it yesterday as I was typing the post, yay for priority shipping!) ...it make me go all O_o when I opened the box...

    I will reserve a post just for that...Oy, I could buy a bottle of Benetint with that...

    It's pretty piece of mirror alright, but I think Anna Sui ones are much better when you look at them...


  4. This blog was funny :D, thanks for all the non-mirror info :-P ;).
    But now I love that stand-up mirror :), and the Jill Stuart ones ^_^.
    And given that I can't play the piano and like to keep my stuff portable, I'd rather have a diamond than a piano :-P. But I have this odd wish...I want an uncut one, not one of the pretty shiny ones the mirrors copy XD.

  5. I don't even own a mirror like that! Obviously I'm missing out. The horror.

    I like the last Jill Stuart one. Very pretty. The Paul & Joe one is pretty too. Or! you could go for the "klassy" MAC Hello Kitty one... I guess it's probably sold out though lol.

  6. Hi Cris:

    Now I know, you like diamond for it's rarity not for its shine (which is good, since you can achieve the shine with a man-made one anyway...)

    I didn't mean to write all these, just felt like sharing the links I found and put some personal thoughts...and it turns out like this.

    Now, I behaving much like a guy when it comes to jewelry...I remember a physics teacher back in middle school saying:" I don't get diamond, I mean, if you have a turnip...you can at least eat it..."

    I think that got me...


  7. Hi Pixie:

    I was actually quite interested in the little lovely charm mirror key chain MAC hello kitty has, the round little charm is quite lovely, almost kind of look like Anna Sui stuff...

    The purse mirror looks weird, a big black cat head...I am either a MAC r HK fan, so I don't see myself ever wanting that thing, expecailly I can get a much pretty one from sanrio at a lower price...

    And of course, they are all sold out and it's all the way up to 40 dollars on ebay...I also realized that the mirror on the key chain is so small that I decided that I could use the laser sticker on my credit card to check my eyes/teeth instead...Woohoo, just saved myself 40 bucks!



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