Friday, February 06, 2009

Favorite Red Lips Look

I wanted to do a post about my favorite cinematic red lips for quite a while now. While I was trying to collect enough pictures to do a post about red lips (not tutorial, since there are a ton of them online and I usually just apply it straight from the tube anyway.)I saw those pictures of her...

My favorite red lips look is from Chinese actress/ producer 范冰冰 (Fan Bing Bing) in her TV show 胭脂雪(blushing snow, if I were to use a blunt translation)I should stop bother with the translating the title since Chinese phrases always have a lot of connotation anyway. It's a historic drama about women right in China back in the 1920s....and that show got some awesome costume I have to say...

In western culture everybody thought blushing bride should use pink but it's totally different in China (pink wedding dress means you are a second wife)red is just a much happier color.

A more photo shopped picture, a bit scary looking I have to say but I love that tiara thing she has!

Seriously, when I get married, I would much prefer the Chinese way because the dress is so much prettier and I get to wear red lipstick!

There is one thing I found that when fellow actresses stand beside Fan Bin Bin, they are very likely to get washed out...

A different style of red from her. I doubt that I've watched any show of hers after she got *very* famous, but I think she is really photogenic to say the least.

Again a bit scary with the strong lips, eyes and nail I have to say, but I think she pulled it off nicely.

My second favorite red lips was from Satine in Moulin Rouge...But don't they always say that 2nd place is the first loser? So...I am not going to put those pictures up here.


  1. RED Lips look great on most people but a lot of us are scared to try!!! INCLUDING me! :) I think if you can wear it with much confidence, it will be sexy!!!! :) Fan Bin Bin defintely can carry a red lipstick eventhough her skin is pale white!!!! I guess she's really beautiful to be able to pull that off :)

  2. I think eveyone can pull off red lips, it's just a metter of finding the right shade of red for you. But you need confidence to wear red lips, and sadly, I lack that!!

  3. Hey Nikki and Gio:

    I do think that everybody can wear red's just about the occasions...As for confidence, you can always build it by topping sheer gloss with a lip stain, it's a more subtle way to wear the color I think. (To match the dressy-ness of the color, a good base and nicely coiffed hair wouldn't harm either)

  4. Wow, she pulls that lip off so well. I usually only wear sheer reds. Dark, matte reds make my lips look so small.

  5. Hi Pixie:

    My favorite type of red is just plain shimmer-free ones with a satin finish...Shimmer and gloss is just too much for a strong color like that.

    btw, if red makes your lips smaller, you can rim your lips with a red lip stain and dab a tiny bit of clear gloss at the center after the color, that gotta fight it off...


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