Friday, February 06, 2009

Drug Store Spy Cam Trip

A brand new year is here (ahem, a while ago) and all of the drugstore brands are coming up with their new collections. Since nobody ever bothered with the drugstore releases, I will go ahead and post my find and the beauty session of the grocery store yesterday...This is by no mean comprehensive, I just picked the brands that interested me.

Keep in mind that I was undercover while taking the picture, so they are not really aesthetically pleasing...

First, Revlon came up with a matte shadow line. I've had some shimmery ones before, they apply like chalk dust...

But hey, one of the shades really caught my eyes...There is supposed be a matte lipstick collection as well (with an uncanny resemblance to MAC lipsticks) but they were nowhere to be found.

And one of my favorite brands for lip gloss...

Sally Hansen

Diamond 12 Hour Lip treatment from Sally Hansen they are so pretty! (Although they look a lot like the Lipnotic Gem Gloss...) I almost grabbed this one but realized that the 3.1ml volume will not last me for a few week...

Instadry Nail Color From Sally Hansen, I want the one in teal, peachy pink and the dark purple ones...

You know you can always click for larger picture, right?

Diamond shine was around for 4,5 years but here are some new colors, including the hottest in the season, fuchsia!

Ultra Soothing Lip Tint From the Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Line. I love transparent gloss!

But it looks a lot like my ultimate favorite Babypink lip gloss in berry. Which was only 3 bucks in Hong Kong.

Wet n Wild

Wet n Wild cream eyeliner, which was limited edition last summer (very long lasting and quite good for only 4 bucks) made it into the permanent line, so is the brow powder.

I've reviewed the Wet n Wild beauty benefit Blush Brush last year and I liked it quite a bit for the soft touch (until the glued head fell off) , now they have a duo ended shadow and concealer brushes out! Should I give it or continue working on my Stila brushes collection?

New Shade Mega Eye Shadow in purple. (Check out the trios here!)

Rock Solid (my favorite line of nail polish) got some new shades: Look at that silver!

And the purple and fuchsia!

Wet n Wild organic line, with paper compact? I will pass on that.


Styli Style Rouge with a Shu Uemura knockoff packaging. (It doesn't look cheap though)

Styli-Style lip stain, I bet it has been around for a while but it didn't show up here until recently. 5.49 for 3ml of stain, I think Benetint is still better choice overall.

Nicole by OPI, look at that! Three shades of teal...

The one OPI that caught my eyes, looks like orange juice huh?

Fuschia nail polish...

Random irrelevant promotion, buy mascara and get tortilla chips? This thing only happens here in Texas

Eye Spy from NYC...oh so gaudy.

I will not justify any NYX purchase...the mere sight is...Argh.

I've picked up three items from the trip and I will review them later. (I am glad that I don't have to hurry since none of them was limited edition.) So, have you found anything interesting?


  1. wow !!! 90% of the products you posted we don't have it here! I would go crazy looking at them if I'm there! thanks for sharing it to us, I'd love to grab some Styli-style eyeliner as I heard it's even better than Urban decay 24/7 :)

  2. Yeah, I've heard that their pencil eyeliner is quite long-lasting and pigmented. I saw one 50% off a few days ago in a it would be 3 dollars for an pretty flat eyeliner, but the sharpener is not on sale and it costs 5 bucks...I was like "whatever" and just left (and picked up a tube of gloss from Sally Hansen, which means, I broke my lip product ban already...)

  3. Sorry you broke your lipstick ban! LOL But who can help it?? If its on sale? Or if they come out with great collection? If its affordable, great buy and works, forget the ban! hahahah

    I want to try the Styli-style liner, thanks for letting me know it works! :) I will check if my friend can help me purchase it! thanks for the tip!

  4. ooh people say the new Revlon l/s in Nude Attitude is like Myth. :] I'm interested to see that one~

  5. Hi smiley13tree:

    I don't know about the lipstick yet since they were nowhere to be found...Isn't myth that nude color...I am going to pass on that because they usually wash me out.

    but I did hear on makeup alley about how flattering one of their red lipsticks is...I still want a basic red color without any shimmer...

  6. "Random irrelevant promotion, buy mascara and get tortilla chips? This thing only happens here."
    I cannot believe this XD. Thanks for the laugh :).
    Oh, and Wet&Wild paper compacts: odd.
    Styli-Style flat liners rule, and thankfully you get a free sharpener with every liner here :). Probably 'cause people were not purchasing the liners because of the weird sharpener >:-).

  7. Hey Cris:

    I agree with you on the eyeliner, I've seen an absolutely beautiful teal flat liner from styli-style. But I really didn't feel like spending 5 dollars on that special sharpener just for one pencil...

    Stila's sharpener was only 2 bucks (now they raised it to 2.5) and it works on all the pencils I have...

  8. That's the one I have :D! The teal one, I mean. It's called Venice :).
    (Well, I have 11 flat liners total, 6 eye and 5 lip ;D.)
    My basic sharpener's from Tigi and I got it for free ^_^ (they threw it in as a gift since I had purchased loads of stuff including liner), and I'm very satisfied with it :).

  9. hey citrine!
    i've recently found out about your blog and i just wanted to say i love it!
    i love all your spy cam helpful cos i am interested in experimenting with makeup but am poor! :( sob sob
    anyways, its sad cos the wet n wild selection in the uk is so bad...and we don't have sally hansen in the drugstores! i am going on a quest to find that wet n wild cream liner!


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