Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Anna Sui Eye Color Single

As you can see, I haven't being using them that often...(In fact, I still haven't touched the pink, dirt orange and the green one yet...)Don't blame for blowing my money on stuff I merely collect since it averages out that I only paid about 3 dollars a pieces for the shadow jars...hehe

In short, the eye shadow single (screw top) are not bad products, I just don't like them... Most of the one I got are matte without any bit of shimmer beside the purple one which has huge glitter in it, but it's still matte. The color pay-off is quite decent that the color on your lid will be pretty much what you see in the jar.

What I don't like about it, is that, it works exactly as a shadow that just cover your lid with a smooth layer of pigment. I don't quite like that since my so called "Asian eyes" is a bit difficult to work with and they are not suitable for any kind of shading or contour.

When it comes to eye shadow I just like to use pearly, shimmery colors to on entire lids to brighten up my face. I think the Eye Color Accents from Anna Sui generally do a much better job at that with soft colors.

By the way, the shadow looks powdery on my hand but turns out quite smooth and silky when I put it on my lids, so don't be scared by the fact that it's matte. It's just a typical shadow with coverage and maybe the colors that the shadow offer will look better on Caucasian? (There are gazillion of choices that I don't even bother to report the number because your screen won't be showing exactly what I see and the number I got are not that easy to remember, beside the green one, which is numbered 911.)

Updated on July 31th:
While I remain hopeless with most of the colors in the jars, I just found out that the brown one number 500 is the perfect color for my eye brows! I have somewhat pale skin and brown hair( it was never black but probably got lighter since I came to Texas due to sun damage I guess...but then it's like that from root to tip... Any way, the color is not to intense and last quite a while.

I finally found an Anna Sui makeup item that is at least useful...


  1. awww..the colors looks lovely! me..I love matte e/s and I love shimmery as well! i guess i just love any e/s as long as they'er make up!!! Yeah, i have monolid eye friends who told me they look better with shimmery e/s...thanks for the review :)

  2. Yeah, the colors are so cute that I didn't even want to use it...(byt then again, they texture isn't really my cup of tea either...)

    my favorite kind of shadow is just an all-over wash of color on the eye lids...(However I did managed to get a butt load of dark, matte, creamy, shimmery shadow though...)


  3. how come u can get in 3 dollar??can u let me noe??where to purchase it?

  4. Ling Wei:
    I bought them from a cosmetic wholesaler on ebay almost 2 years ago. Since the seller only had these and wanted to get rid of them, I just offer 3 dollars and she accepted my offer.


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