Saturday, February 02, 2019

Window Shop with Me - Jill Stuart Beauty

If you are a redditor in the New York area, there is a monthly meetup group for r/Asianbeauty group where beauty enthusiasts gather around musing about everything AB (when folks in reddit say AB, they mean budget Korean brands with occasional mention of Rhoto and Hadalabo mixed in ( - _ - ). 

When I heard that January meet up is touring Jill Stuart showroom, I jumped at the opportunity. After all, there aren't that many places in New York to see and play with an extensive collection of Japanese makeup, let alone one that's actually popular in Asia! (Actually Jill Stuart wasn't popular in Korea).

 The showroom is only a short walk from the designer's Soho boutique. To my understanding, it's has little to do with the fashion label and everything to do with Kose (JS showroom is right between those of Sekkisei and Decorte).
The showroom is small, streamlined and not too dreamy princessy.
New (since fall 2017) packaging of lip blossom. I don't love the packaging enough to get one but I got received a little tester palette. Will swatch it when the sun is out (and when my lips stop bleeding). 
Eyeliner and mascara
Shimmer Couture and Ribbon Couture eyes. The shimmer ones are glitter bombsway too Cullen compared to the limited edition  07 Brown Couture (later made permanent, now straight up discontinued) I have and love. 
The ribbon couture eyes are eh. They seem really pigmented though. 
Jelly Eye Color (you can see one from previous generation upper left)
Out of 10 available shades, only 01-05 the neutral shades made it here. 06-10
 are the dreamy brights and pastel (Lilac, orange, lime green pink etc)  that might all end up too sheer. 
Loose blush (with a huge puff inside) and nail color
Mix Blush (I bought one three years ago, I shall dig out the pictures from my hard drive and review it). I have seen this on blog (especially from Taiwanese and HKer bloggers) since 10 years ago and it seems to have an everlasting popularity.
More mixed blush. In the center of the showroom there were those newly released blush duo (forgot to take picture), anyway the limited edition shade didn't make it here again.
Blooming Dew oil blush. This had a synthetic instead of goat hair brush.
Lip balm, gloss and lip blossom (old packaging)
Randomly a picture of gloss on a mushroom (an eBay seller included it as gift with purchase)
Iconic Look eyeshadow in matte, satin, glitter and cream finish. Sadly not all shades are available here (50% maybe not including limited edition).
Well, I found two I liked enough to buy. The showroom doesn't have a warehouse attached so it was shipped to me (only took a day!)
One of the shades I want that is out of stock  online and not seen at the showroos106
(This is the satin category) I was also eyeballing the coral, bordeaux and navy...I might swatch at the counter if/when I visit Japan again.
Skincare, haircare and highlighter stick. I would totally buy that pink tubed cleanser if they bring it to US.
A mini review for the Hot Gel Double Cleansing. It's a pink tinted thick jelly with a fruity scent. It warms up as you rub it on your face, melting off stubborn physical sunscreen and it rinses completely clean. I packed one with my for my Japan trip and it worked well even I didn't use a second cleanser afterward. 

Some clothing by Jill that look like they only work on a very specific body/face type (Babyfaced models)...
Forever Juicy oil rouge - Not crazy about this particular formula (Kose isn't known for their lippies) but I like that plate.
Last fall a mini range of Black Dress collection was released. Here are the two palettes...Meh.
Dressed Rouge

That's it for the tour. I hope I don't get it trouble for posting up these pictures (I asked our meetup organizer several times). Right now, the showroom is open by appointment only. You just need to shoot them an email 


  1. At least the brand got a show room! I wish they'd have one for Lunasol, Suqqu, etc. too :(

    1. Sadly kanebo isn't making an attempt in US at all...We are missing out so many amazing lippies and palettes.

      Now that we have Jill Stuart and Decorte, I hope they bring Addiction someday...Ayako was based in New York afterall.


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