Sunday, November 20, 2016

Lunasol Stain Color Lips EX-03 Energy Red

For the very few who expected regular posting  schedule (let's pretend that I have a large audience), I am back!  Three weeks ago, I flew to California Bay Area for a short and sweet vacation. I needed the sunshine, to use up my vacation days and most importantly, to escape American politics for a bit.

My plan was to come back on the Monday, witness (am from Bieberland, can't vote) the to-be historical election (boy wasn't that historical?) then dip myself into the wondrous music of Berliner Philharmoniker the day after. Well, you all know about what happened next: He won, I hated the concert.

 In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have picked an all atonal program as a pick-me-up the day after election... During the concert, as I was flipping through the program ( "Mahler 7 is the least performed of his symphonies"? Oh, I wonder why...) all I was thinking was "I should spend the money on two Lunasol lipsticks and a burrito instead".

Because unlike concert, lipstick therapy never fails. 
Lunasol Stain Color Lips EX-03 Energy Red is one of the three limited shades released last summer. The Hot Fuchsia I have gotten was unexpectedly wearable for a bold shade so I reckon I could hunt down the rest. 

By the way. Thanks to the upcoming presidency, USD is firing back up against JPY. It's almost 1 dollar to 111 yens as I am typing. Maybe I will go Rakutening some limited holiday items or even plan a field trip in Japan?
Packaging is sleek and beautiful, the shiny tube is perfectly photogenic for this mid-Autumn day when everything was still green. I already miss the Cali sunshine...
EX-03 is sun-riped tomato red that's intense but not completely opaque (I like red but never the opaque white based ones).  The formula is balmy but not shiny and feels weightless on the lips.

The range (was never marketed as matte anyway) can be worn like stain but it's more like a semi frosted jelly when applied full force.
Energy Red next to Hot Fuchsia. Look how skin brightening they both look. 
The swatch image was taken on a hot and humid day so the lipstick looked a little melty and shiny.  The gloss is subdued and it's one of the few bolds that I could wear with eyeshadow and blush (without feeling being overwhelmed by colors).  Even though it's a summer shade, I am loving it (wearing it at this very moment) when it's all cold and dreary. 

Now I am all ready for some Early Music with period instruments(friend got free tickets, can't resist). I know I won't struggle to stay awake this time!


  1. I went to an early music concert just yesterday! I love baroque music--my dad is a classical guitarist, so I grew up hearing it all the time. But I agree that lipstick therapy is the one kind of therapy that never fails. :D

    1. Reporting back from concert, so it wasn't all early music today (that's for December) but Te Deum set in different music (like hearing "praise the lord" x8) ...I was conscious for the whole two hours to say the least. Can't complain about it when I got free ticket.

  2. Completely agree. Have this color and absolutely adore it! I found that layering balm underneath these Stain Colors will produce the translucency and shine that I like, although that would undermine the whole "stain color" thing... haha

    1. Hmm, I actually rarely wear balm underneath (because if a lippie is drying by itself I would just diss it). I will try this with DHC or fresh one when I am not too lazy...


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