Friday, September 09, 2016

Jill Stuart Forever Juicy Oil Rouge in Forbidden Apple

Among all the cutesy Japanese brands, Jill Stuart is the epitome of Princessy Overkill(I am saying that with endearment). I have been mildy interested in the brand ever since my college roomate showed me her palettes and blush (that are never to be used) but I put it off for years due to the somewhat ridiculous price (well, I made minimum wage back then so I wasn't going to blow a whole day pay on a single item). 

Fast forward to recent years, after my test run with the mini lip gel, I was convinced that the packaging is worth all the extra pennies. To start off my official relationship with Her Highness, I went with something small: The Forever Juicy Oil Rouge, first released back in summer 2015.
This (Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity meets transformer aesthetic) is probably the most embellished packaging on a lipgloss I have/would ever purchased (The Louboutin buttplugs are a bit too out-there for me). Beside the intricate antique silverware pattern, there is also a pink Swarovski Crystal element, aka the glass bead that I was crazy about back in middle school.
Despite the whole thing being light weight and all plastic. The coating is seamless at the smallest corner, definitely up to standard. I have had it rolling around in my bags for days and it survives small scratches much better than the YSL, which is made of metal.

The whole fruit like design is a bit bulky and not the most ergonomic to hold and use, it wasn't bothersome to use either.
Wand is flabby hairy plastick, nothing special but gets the job done. The wand is a little on the short side (especially with the frilly obstruction that's part of the design) but as long as I can get the gloss on my mouth, I have no complain. 

Considering the time of the release, I am thinking it's named Forever Juicy Oil Rouge just to hop onto the oil-tint karma train. The texture isn't particularly juicy, oil-like or even pigmented/opaque like a rouge (then again, Japanese rouge are usually sheer). To me, the texture is somewhat generic jelly(with a touch of cream) that isn't sticky.  It's not too different from Maquillage Essence Glamourous Rouge but that's more affordable and has some skincare benefits.

The color I picked is Forbidden Apple, a pale creamy peach that looks pinky coral because my lips get really red during a hot day. The color doesn't do much for me but the formula is easy to throw on and last long enough,1-2 hours for a non-runny gel gloss.

Overall: The Forever Juicy Oil Rouge isn't anything special and you can probably get similar effect from much cheaper drugstore brands. The package is beautifully designed and made so I am happy with this purchase. It's wearable and I reach for it so that's good enough for me. Did I mention that I love taking pictures of these mirror like objects?


  1. I feel like a lot of Asian brands are all about packaging, esp Korean. So cute!

    1. I don't mind the emphasis, there is no point buyinga great gloss when the package is so ratty that I never pick up. I am glad that I am immuned to kbeauty for now since they are everywhere (bad for bank account)!


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