Sunday, May 10, 2015

Lush Lip Tint - It Started With a Kiss

I love it so much I bought it twice.

Fellow bloggers (with OCD) would understand this feeling, the feeling when you get a pristine pot of lip color: You cannot stop admiring while at the same time, you are trying your best to not touch it before the photo session is over... 
The first time I bought this Lush lip tint, I kept it in my coat so I can take it out to admire and sniff the apple-cinnamon scent...And I dropped it hours after the purchase, before even laying my finger/lip brush on it. 

The only similar experience I had was with my first Midori traveller's notebook and that was much more painful (and now I hate any person in Texas medical center and own a black Midori traveller's notebook). Luckily, this was only 10 bucks so I recovered quickly, with the help of some cute undie discovery at Marshalls a day later(clothes and shoes are tax-free in Jersey).  
Even though Lush refers it as a ruby red. To me, this is another one of those blend of red, pink and coral. Is there a specific name for that? Watermelon, punchy pink or Mexican rose?
Sorry for the dry and ashy skin. I need to start wearing lotion.
 Just looking at the pot, the balm has a creamy opacity that reminds me of a mini pot of Play-doh (which convinced me that it must also smells like it). Beside the Playdoh base, I can only sniff out the (overly ripe mashed) apple and cinnamon (which comes by as a sting on the lips and taste bud). 

The cute tin is quite small but there is generous 10g of product. Now I just need to finish it (I am determined to, as it's probably my favorite out of all of the red-pink-coral I have).
Ingredients of It Started With a Kiss - Mostly natural. With the methylparaben poking out Homer Simpson's hair. It's ok with me, as I probably get much more exposure to carcinogens just from walking in and out of the wet lab. Since the expiration date is listed, I feel like I have to dig it diligently before it expires.
It Started with a Kiss, L'Oreal Glossy Balm Innocent Coral, Revlon Audacious and Rimmel Stellar

 The picture below shows Lush It Started with a Kiss lip tint, applied with a lip brush on a very warm day. From many online reviews I have read (after buying it, of course), It Started with a Kiss is described as a matte tint with scrubby particle. While I can't feel any scrubbie part aside from the small crumbs, the lip tint does apply into a semi-sheer, glowy-matte finish (contributed by the beewax).
On this particularly warm swatch day (when my lip lines are less apparent), it looked glossier because everything melted.  If you apply with a finger, a good deal of the oil and wax base will get soaked up by the finger leaving it a sheer matte finish (and you can rub your finger on your cheeks and get a pretty watermelon stain afterward). 

With a weasel lip brush, the product just slips on with a glossy sheen (yes, it dries out and becomes matte later on). Either way, I found that this is true lip tint that stays semi-translucent no matter how much I layer on. No complain here since I actually prefer bright shades like this to be sheer.
It Started with a Kiss blotted with tissue toilet paper (most of the oil/wax would get blotted while the color stays on. This is more representative of what it looks like). Since my lips are prone to drying, this is a little uncomfortable, but still better than other weightless lip stain I have tried. 

Overall: For people who like sheer matte lip tint and have a lip brush lying around (the long one by Muji works great), this is a very flattering take on the whole red-pink-coral lip color. I also love how it doubles up as a lightly-moisturizing cheek stain. I wish Lush would do more of those bright lip tints.


  1. This is a gorgeous red without too much chemies...
    I really recognize the 'don't touch' strategy and how it is harder when something is scented so good. For my last review on Ecobrow I actually did not want to post my smudged box (I photographed it after it lost it's virginity) but I prefer a real packaging for photos over something borrowed online.

    1. Oh, lush actually have something like "not a virgin" on their recycled perfume tin, I was like wut...


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